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Comment Producer responsible for end of life recycling (Score 4, Informative) 274

Similar to the End of Life Vehicles Directive in the EU, Similar to the German End-of-Life Vehicles Act of 2002 (extended from a similar law in 1997). Manufacturers are responsible for recycling their vehicle at the vehicles end of life, this means manufacturers design their cars to be more easily recycled and means any overhead costs are built into the cost of the car up-front. There is no good reason that this shouldn't be the case for any larger or common products, why should the cost of recycling be deferred until the product has reached end of life, no consumer will pay more money to have their product recycled *after* it is useless.

Comment Re:Stuff That Fucking Matters (Score 5, Insightful) 920

I'm inclined to agree with you. This is big news when a professional news organisation deliberately misrepresents someones work like that, and in doing so causes direct harm to their work. It's not up for debate whether the work is in bad taste, boring, annoying, or bat shit crazy... it's a beat up and taken totally out of context, and it's harmful. They shouldn't get away with it, it's poor reporting at best, a free speech issue at worst.

Comment Mac OS? (Score 1) 236

I hate to say it, but really it should "just work".. given Microsoft *can* control what drivers are installed, I simply don't understand why hardware drivers aren't maintained through a quality controlled channel, let people choose which version they want, but otherwise have a default currently supported (and tested in at least the most common hardware configurations) driver that is delivered through windows updates or something...

One of the reason's I (as a Windows admin, and Linux admin too) enjoy using an Apple Mac is because I *never* have to dick around with drivers. This is likely also a major contributor to touted enterprise support cost savings at IBM despite higher initial buy cost for their Macbook Pro fleet.

I realise all the myriad configurations would make extensive testing of every configuration improbable, something that Apple has an advantage over by controlling the hardware as well as OS, but I also refuse to believe this is an insurmountable engineering problem.

Comment Backup/Backup/Backup/Backup/Backup (Score 3, Insightful) 106

I've had the dubious honour of dealing with and recovering from two attacks in the last two years. On both occasions we had one or more staff open a phishing email and execute the ransomware. On both occasions the ransomware successfully encrypted over 250000 files on file shares. We do have quite a reasonable level of protection in place, including 1) AntiVirus and Anti-Malware (useless in both accounts), 2) moderate level of security groups for users limiting access to only those files they require, with exception of a "temp share" which is a dumping ground for all kinds of stuff, but cleared automatically every 30 days, 3) file name/extension ACLs on windows shares that prevent files like .encrypted .EnCiPhErEd from being created on the file system 4) daily backups. In each case, we still had to do targeted purge/restore to get the files back. We never for a second thought about paying the ransom. I restored all files within 4-6 hours, using a mixture of scripts and manual review of folders and files. The best solution is have great back-ups... those backups should be regularly tested and monitored for success. With good backups, you can recover in a very short time frame....

Comment Re:Not exactly a high bar to clear (Score 3, Insightful) 170

But, this isn't a high end desktop replacement gaming laptop, is it?! The laptop isn't exhausting very hot air, instead it is a good performing laptop that achieves this within a very usable form factor. There are trade-offs to be made, and so far this *extremely long overdue* refresh is so far looking like it's well balanced. Now, comparing this to previous gen Macbook Pro, is definitely a piss poor comparison.

Comment Elon Musk modelling himself on a SF character? (Score 1) 76

I swear either Stephen Baxter modelled the character Reid Malenfant from Manifold: Time on Elon Musk, or Elon Musk is modelling himself on the fictional character and head of Bootstrap from Manifold: Time. Given Time was published in 1999... it must be the later. Because it looks like Tesla/SpaceX is just Bootstrap in real life, developing new technologies to bootstrap mankind off this pale blue dot and into space.

Comment Re:20 minutes... (Score 1) 55

the same technology going into better longer lasting car batteries is also applicable for drones. There is a lot of effort to improve both motor efficiency and battery storage capability. Current record for quadcopter drone endurance flight is around 2.5 hours, of course, it won't carry your Red Epic.

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