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Comment Wasn't it the purpose of weddings to publish? (Score 1) 550

I mean: If you don't want people to tell others about your festivity, why bother the efforts and expenses to celebrate a wedding in the first place? Just close the contract before either secular or religious authorities, go to bed early and enjoy your newly church-sanctioned conjugal intercourse.

Comment Re:So, what's Soylent really about? (Score 1) 207

When having a meal/eating is not such a joyful part of your life that you would never want to substitute it with drinking some artificial paste, you are either suffering from a terrible disease, or you should definitely change what/when/how you eat.

Substituting real food with Soylent is like substituting sex with semen extraction under narcosis.

And "working more for more money" is certainly not a good reason to keep yourself away from the most basic pleasures in life - unless your only alternative to that particular work would mean dying from starvation, which I don't believe is your only alternative.

Comment I bet Putin welcomes any US-cyber-aggression - (Score 4, Insightful) 396

if only to more easily convince his people to use domestic IT products rather than the US-made stuff (which contains backdoors for at least the US government agencies and backdoors for some far-east agencies which were added by the manufacturers who actually produced the hardware).

Comment Why is prostitution outlawed in the US, anyway? (Score 1) 98

There are plenty of more dangerous, more arduous, more humiliating jobs out there - even ones that require touching the bodies and excretions of other people. And most of them are paid much lower than prostitution. I for one am happy that where I live, prostitution is a legal job, involving taxation and social security insurance like every other job.

Comment So while not even super-sonic airplanes... (Score 1) 254

... managed to survive on the transport market due to their excessive fuel consumption and cost, they want to make us believe that "travelling to Mars" will become big business? Sorry, but that's clearly not going to happen. Yes, a few rich people will pay whatever price for getting to Mars, but clearly not enough to sustain a regular flight schedule.

Comment Isn't it great how blame can be forwarded... (Score 2) 121

... these days to some company else? Gone are the days when any kind of service was provided by just one company, who was then undoubtly responsible for however good or bad a service was. Today, there is an endless chain of suppliers, sub-contractors, infrastructure providers, whom to assign blame to, so ultimately no one feels responsible, everybody has an excuse, and whatever SLA exists, it's not worth the paper it's written on.

Comment Waiting like for OLED TVs to become popular? (Score 1) 125

Remember how Samsung chickened out of the OLED TV market, claiming that those would just be "too expensive" to become a market success? Well, turned out that LG was capable of building and selling OLED TVs at reasonable prices.

So now they are using the same kind of argument to stop their VR ambitions. Their competitors will love it.

Seems that Samsung's company strategy today is "Innovation just cost us money!"

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