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Comment The sky is falling...again (Score 1) 182

Here we go again, with the "it isn't secure, and we're gonna hack the election" conspiracy. Funny how our entire banking system is online and secure enough, yet voting isn't. We're still forced to accept 1800's era paper trails. Even the multi-million LA County voting system (last designed in 1969) is being redone with a paper balloting process.


Comment (Score 1) 331

...actually it is valid for quick prototyping. Though client/server is very old-school (not as old as cobol) at least for a quick-and-dirty app, it can work.

I would love to see it become OSS and then have it running under the radar like IBM sort of did with eComStation.

Of course, being a PHB, i don't actually do any programming any more, so I have no stake in this. All our stuff is either Java or C# these days.

Comment People still use Facebook? (Score 1) 387

Not being a troll, but I figured people were dropping off. I used FB for several years, then finally got tired of hearing how fantastic everyone was and how I should stop the abuse of toasters by signing yet another petition. Besides my two teenagers have zero interest in FB. For them it is all about snapchat, oovoo and a little bit of Twitter.

I'm surprised they have influence enough to make this an issue.

Comment Re:Wow, only 13 years after screwing up Linux... (Score 1) 815

Nah, Linux isn't "better" than Windows. It just sucks less.

I still have a laptop running Crunchbang ( at home to be used as a gateway. I also have a USB key with Knoppix ( However, most things just don't work well with Linux, and booting a VM isn't that much fun.

I did my best to integrate into work, but it just got too much. Here's the presentataion I did at the southern california linux expo a few years back...

Comment Wow, only 13 years after screwing up Linux... (Score 2, Interesting) 815

I'm still not happy about his whole, "Qt isn't OSS so I'm writing GNOME to compete with KDE" move back in the late '90s. Though I appreciate Ximian, I fail to see why he's even relevant these days.

I was a HUGE Linux fanboi in the late '90s through about 2010. I agree with him, however, that Linux just doesn't work as a day-to-day end-user platform anymore. As it is, I'm mostly using my Nexus tablet and Galaxy phone for tasks, and then resort to Wintendo when I need.

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