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Comment Re:electricity cost (Score 1) 333

Take an economics course and study up on "time value of money".

Paying off an investment of $6.8 billion over 40 years, even at only 3% per annum interest is a total expenditure of over $11.6 billion. So that takes your 1.5 cents to 2.6 cents, and then you have to add staggering amounts for very highly trained operating personnel, security, insurance, decommissioning at EOL, waste disposal, etc. And the fuel does cost SOMETHING. Before you know it, your costs are up to at least the going rate for wholesale electricity.

Comment Re:And yet (Score 1) 409

The population is close to a 50-50 ideological split, but the media is well over 90% in the bag for one side, with a constant drumbeat of support. The debates are ALWAYS hosted by these agents working tirelessly for one side. The TV and print news is ALL grossly slanted. The entertainment industry is practically a solid cheering section. Twisted "comedians" spend all their time sneering viciously at one side.

A single agent stands up and tries to fight back and provide a little balance and you have the temerity to call THAT one-sided?

Comment Re: What's wrong with hate symbols? (Score 1) 378

You are confused. Libel and slander are civil, not criminal, infractions. Hate speech has only been criminalized in certain jurisdictions in application to certain protected racial and other classes. You are perfectly free to express hate of specific individuals or of unprotected classes such as people with decorative body piercings, or people who dye their hair pink. Threats of bodily or other harm, and incitement to violence are a different thing than expressions of strong dislike.

Attempting to ban or prohibit the use of symbols, or call their use an expression of hate or derision, is a slippery slope. A picture of a frog is a picture of a frog. You end up with such absurdities as ruling the display of the national flag as an "incitement".

Comment Re:The 15 points (Score 1) 230

Contrary to most of the morons posting here (I'm not talking about you), the 15 points make eminent sense to me. Presumably, here is what the twits think:
1) Documented process for data collection and sharing. Hell no, let's have a lackadaisical process and not share anything.
2) Maintenance of privacy. Nope, leak everything all over the place.
3) Systematic design for safety. Why? Duct tape it together.
4) Cybersecurity. Why should it be any more secure than crappy mobile, desktop, and server security are now?
5) Human machine interface standards. Are you kidding?
6) Crash worthiness. But we got the Ford Pinto engineers cheap.
7) Proper user education and training. Naw, let 'em figure it all out themselves.
8) Registration and certification. Don't interfere with free reign for selfish robber barons.
9) Post crash behavior. Just have it self-incinerate as quickly and quietly as possible; hush things up.
10) Adherence to federal, state, and local laws. To hell with all that interference.
11) Ethical considerations. What are ethics?
12) Operational design domain. What do you mean? Anything we build can tackle any possible conditions.
13) Object detection and response. A loud horn sounded more or less constantly should be enough.
14) Transition to fallback mode in case of a problem. Just open the throttle wide, lock the steering, and disable the brakes.
15) Validation of methods. We don't think we need to validate anything or account for any of our design decisions.

They're right. This regulation shit is all unfair and anti-free-enterprise. Get out of my way.

Comment Adams should stick to sophomoric comic strips (Score -1, Flamebait) 523

Adams and Johnson are both spectacularly, colossally stupid bastards. Anyone who would put any stock whatever in what either of them says or "believes" (if either of them can be said to have any true beliefs at all) is a useless waste of oxygen. So the two primary candidates are an evil, hateful bitch intent on destroying the country and a slow-witted self-destructive bastard who can't construct coherent sentences. And neither of the snowball's-chance-in-hell alternative candidates (Johnson and Stein) has as much qualification and suitability for the job as any of the squirrels in my back yard.

I don't wish either Adams or Johnson any personal harm, but the world would be a less awful place if they both STFU.

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