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Comment Seems like a good deal, if accurate (Score 1) 156

I remember reading that sometimes exercise extends your life for the same period as doing the exercise. So in a sense yes, you could live longer but at the same time it's not really anymore time especially if you don't like exercising. So if playing Pokemon Go is fun and enjoyable for you and it extends your life by the same amount, that's pretty much a win win in my book. Note, I'm not a Pokemon Go player myself (don't want a dataplan on my cellphone) but I don't find Pokemon Go players on average annoying, just amusing. If it makes you happy and you live longer, that can't be a bad thing right?

Comment Stable Climate = Stable Civilization? (Score 1) 191

One of the huge concerns especially if you look at xkcd's representation of the development of modern man and civilization vs Temperature is that the arrival of modern man and the development of civilizations occurred at a relatively flat plateau in temperature. It's uncertain if we'll be able to thrive as well if the temperature shoots up beyond this plateau which we seem to be rapidly accomplishing. I'm not saying we'll completely die out or anything but if you look at that graph a few degrees below average temperature and we're in the last ice age where most of north america is uninhabitable! The US and Canada wouldn't really exist as countries. Who knows what a few degrees above that will accomplish?

Comment A biased opinion (Score 5, Insightful) 342

My understanding from how movie theatres work is that they barely make any money at all from the showing of movies. It is the production studios that take the greatest amount of profits from the movies shown at the theatre. Where theatre's make money is primarily from the extremely unhealthy food folks buy at the theatre. It's why we hear so much about movies from producers that flop because that represents a huge loss. Theatres are not so worried so long as folks still go to the theatre to see movies.

Gas stations use a similar model where most of their actual profits are from non-gas sales. They behave very much like a corner store. The gas that's sold isn't very profitable otherwise.

Comment A concern but nothing to panic about (Score 1) 150

Just about all modern cellphones use a lithium polymer battery which will potentially explode or catch on fire if you damage / bend or drop the phone hard enough. If you've ever watched gizmoslip on youtube you'll notice that even iphones will get dangerously hot if you drop them hard enough. From what I heard the Note 7 had a failure rate of about 1/1000 which means even if you get something out of the bad batch the chance of it exploding is somewhat rare. Unfortunately this brings with it a lot of bad publicity and it probably won't be cheap for Samsung to replace all the bad phones.

Comment Bad Comparison! (Score 1) 97

That's NOT an accurate comparison! In fact you cannot compare the two. The google system lets you pick a destination and the car will drive you there without intervention. Many owners who have tested Telsa's system have said you need to pay attention to what it's doing or you could potentially die like that one driver who sadly trusted it enough to watch a movie. The systems are so different on levels of automation it'd be like saying there's more miles on cruise control. Read up and learn the difference.

Comment D-Link routers can be broken hardware wise too (Score 1) 70

I remember an article years ago of a D-Link router where they cheaped out and left out a filtering capacitor. An engineer figured this out because hilariously they left the solder pads on the actual circuit boards so a fix was to solder in your own filtering capacitor. The missing capacitor resulted in the power supply being noisy and eventually corrupting ram which would lead to the router crashing. D-Link of course in their brilliance figured the quick fix was to reboot your router every 15 minutes, stable connection be dammed. This wasn't even a bright decision in the long run because I imagine all the tech support calls would have killed whatever savings that single part meant.

At the end of the day folks, buy a good reliable router that works with opensource firmware. (I prefer shibby tomato.) and almost never experience problems again.

Comment Not enough evidence (Score 1) 86

It's hard to have complete faith in this report because technically if you accidentally crush a phone with a lithium battery or you somehow manage to punch a hole into it, there's always the risk of it exploding or catching on fire. Samsung likely wants the phone to ensure they're not being blamed for something they are not responsible for. With the number of Samsung 7 owners in China having one or two explode from consumer mis-use or accidents isn't entirely surprising. I recall a few years ago a student blew himself up with an ipod after he accidentally put a screwdriver through the battery trying to fix it.

Comment Kinda makes sense actually (Score 2) 235

As processes improve large scale projects such as factories and power generation tend to get more efficient as predicted but it's hard to get the same economies of scale on smaller systems like cars. It's death by millions and millions of cuts instead of by one massive blow. I'm sort of contributing by owning a Volt and have managed to go gas free for most of spring, all of summer and fall until winter when it switches over to inefficient gas engine because it needs the waste heat. To be honest thou, I never entirely went with the Volt to save gas even thou it does as a bonus. EV's are just incredibly smooth cars to drive and lack of engine noise is really nice. Hopefully more folks realize the Volt is a good option and EV's become more popular.

Comment What about cost? (Score 1) 98

I actually use SD cards with a proper USB reader as a USB Stick because when the cards become too small to be useful, they get re-purposed for something else instead of going into the trash. Also you are slightly less likely to destroy the data on it if you manage to break the USB reader unlike a USB Stick which I've seen folks snap off which requires some decent soldering skills to fix. A 1TB card would be pretty cool.

On the downside thou what's this crazy 1TB SD card going to cost? I can't imagine it's going to be cheap.

Comment Yes, Sony does this in some of their laptops (Score 1) 210

I own a VPC-Z11 ultralight Sony Vaio back when Sony was still custom producing them in Japan and the US. They're awesome laptops (thou really expensive.) The laptop was manufactured back in 2010 and six years later I have almost no degradation in the battery despite leaving it plugged in all the time. The laptop has a charge only to 50% feature to help protect the battery and it seems to have worked. So doing something similar in a cellphone makes sense. The problem will be predicting when you need more power or less.

Comment Refueling Accident? (Score 1) 338

I wouldn't be entirely surprised if what went wrong had more to do with refueling than the rocket itself. The whole process of transferring fuel into a rocket is extremely dangerous especially with liquid oxygen. Guess we'll know soon...

Comment Interesting but possibility not practical (Score 1) 532

Although it's amazing that you can produce thrust without a mass output it doesn't seem to be very efficient at doing it considering the amount of energy expended vs the thrust generated. Laser pushed spaceships have been theoretically possible but the megawatt lasers and precision focusing required have made the technology largely impractical. It does however warrant more research to see if the technology can be improved and understood. (If it's actually a real effect.) Otherwise other than being a scientific oddity, it's not very useful.

Comment Not Really Required.... (Score 2) 113

Batteries are generally extremely heavy in their weight to energy ratio compared to gasoline. They also cost a fair bit of money and take a while to charge if you manage to drain that huge of a battery. Even your regular 240v home outlet could take a while. At some point aside from bragging rights it becomes impractical to have a battery that big. The Volt only has about a 40 mile battery and I've made it through the entire summer without having to resort to gas on my daily trips. I've even forgotten to plug the thing in at times and it still had enough. Granted I live in a small city so that helps but I can't see what having past 200 miles gains for you. It might be a bit easier for cross-country trips if you're hopping supercharger stations but I have a bad feeling that you're paying a huge amount in extra weight and costs for that minuscule usage situation. (Unless driving hundreds of miles a day is normal for you.)

Comment Ride the wave, bail before it crashes. (Score 1) 192

I don't think folks on the market were idiots, at some point due to market hype some folks hopped on hoping to ride the wave and to jump before it crashed. I think a lot of folks knew that it was way overvalued but decided to buy into it in the hopes to catch the wave. Some high speed trading systems that caught it early probably managed to make some decent money before it started to collapse again.

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