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Comment Distraction (Score 2) 352

This is typical of people acting irresponsible. The real blame here is the people responsible for securing the data in the original place. They are the ones at fault and are using the media to distract from the fact that they are the failures in the first place. Had they done their job, secured their data, they wouldn't be searching high and low for someone to blame.

  If I leave $100 bill on a table in public and return to find it gone, I'm the one to blame. It's time the parties responsible for securing systems with worldwide access to stand up and admit their failures and to start doing their jobs.

Comment Re:We've known that for decades (Score 1) 527

The reason is that the people that knew and didn't care, are now too lazy to move their fat asses and change their sedimentary lifestyle, that they're costing the rest of us. No wonder 36% of the US population is overweight.

Sitting on your ass and eating by itself is bad, add in a bad diet and you're a time bomb.

Comment Re:Or the actual reason(s)-OT (Score 1) 761

"The tire is almost 200 years old. It had its last big innovation about 70 years ago (radial tires)."

I guess you forgot about run-flat tires and the countless innovations in compound and tread design. Whereas it's not a NASCAR type thing, watch F1 to see how tires are constantly bring improved.

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