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Comment Re:Escalation? (Score 1) 307

Why do people think _they_ are the only professionals?

What "professional" feature is being lost here? The SD-Card reader? Because, arguably, it is _gaining_ features many professionals want: higher speed external connections.

For myself: I'm a professional. I develop high-performance, massively-parallel, multiphysics simulation code that runs on supercomputers. I do not care much at all about any of the external connection capability of my laptop (SD-Card, USB-A, etc.).

The new MBP will still be a very professional machine for me as long as it is powerful and fast.

Comment Re:Film at 11. (Score 1) 307

The adapters are ~$5.

If you can afford a $2000 computer... then you can buy an adapter for each one of your old peripherals and leave it there.

But seriously... what do you plug into your machine?

Any _actual_ Mac user is most likely using a wireless keyboard and wireless mouse/trackpad if they're using any peripherals at all. We're not talking about some shitty Wintel laptop with a crappy trackpad here... where you are basically forced to use a mouse just to use the machine. The trackpads on Macs are awesome...

_Maybe_ an external HD... maybe.

This is actually a good question for a Slashdot poll... I'm honestly interested in how many people are actually still using a USB-A peripheral on a daily basis with their laptops.

Comment Re:Escalation? (Score 2) 307

1. Laptops come with built-in mice called trackpads. In Apple's case those trackpads are awesome and I guarantee you that 99% of people are using them.
2. Your "average" user never plugs anything into their laptop other than power... ever. My wife has literally _never_ plugged a single other thing other than power into her Macbook Air... and I suspect she never will.
3. There are already USB-C thumb-drives... many of them even have dual adapters built in (USB-C and USB-A). They aren't even expensive. This will be a non-issue.
4. Who uses "thumb-drives" anyway? File transfer is all done using Dropbox (or equivalent) or email.
5. The mice and keyboards Apple sells are generally wireless and won't have any issues with this change. Most other peripheral companies also make wireless keyboards and mice that will still work fine. "$300 proprietary mouse"? What are you smoking?
6. Even an actual USB-C _wired_ mouse (shudder) is only ~$10...
7. USB-C to USB-A adapters are $5-$6 for people who really need them.

I love how people love to invent apocalypses when Apple changes things. They always forget that normal people (non-technical people) "just use the machine the way it is" and won't be impacted by any of this.

Comment Gitter Is Better (Score 1) 63

Not sure why everyone loves Slack. I use it for one of my teams... the other uses Gitter.

Overall Gitter is much nicer. Direct integration with GitHub by default and wonderful Markdown integration. You can even put Latex right into the chat window!

Also, we like how you can have public rooms mixed with private rooms... something that's basically not possible with Slack.

Will be interesting to see how Facebook@Work stacks up...

Comment Re:yawn (Score 3, Insightful) 428


I don't understand the problem myself. Without Uber you wouldn't have had a ride at all. If you don't like the pricing try waiting for a taxi or use another service.

Repeat after me: Uber is NOT run by the government... that's both what makes it good... AND what leads to scenarios like this. You can't have the good (low fares, clean cars, drivers that give a shit) without allowing them to work with the free market (supply / demand).

Comment Wrong Headline... (Score 3, Informative) 248

Should read: Apple Replaced the Headphone Jack On the iPhone 7 With a Huge Taptic Engine

Just look at the pictures:

(Look at Step 6)

It's obvious that the huge Taptic Engine is right in the line of fire for where the plug would go.

That said: I do this it's a bit BS to put a "speaker grill" there. It might be aesthetically pleasing (balance) but it's a bit underhanded. I'm not really buying their "it's for the barometer!" schtick either...

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