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Comment Re:its basically a sun shade that you can see thro (Score 1) 202

Even I can see through this lie. It's really just Maxwell's daemon sorting molecules. Just another BS story on Slashdot that will get hype for a few days and then no product will ever come to market. An obvious clue that even the "inventors" know this is complete bullshit is the claim "All the work is done by the huge temperature difference, about 290C, between the surface of the Earth and that of outer space,". Is anyone buying that crap? 'cause if you don't then it is pretty obvious this can't work.

Comment Re:Atpund the moon (Score 1) 303

Didn't they already do that like 50 years ago?

No, that was all fake news. Do some research on the Internet, you'll see. Clearly if it had actually been done already it would not cost that much to do it again, and we wouldn't be talking about silly missions like going around the moon rather than landing on it.

Comment Re:Another breakthrough! News at 11! (Score 1) 218

My thoughts exactly (no mod points today or I would have modded you up as insightful). But you use the term "news" when I get all of my science fiction tech improvements from Slashdot. I've seen many battery and motor announcements that just never seem to make it to the real world. Anyone remember that small extremely efficient motor that was supposedly going to make it to hybrid cars and revolutionize things? What ever happened to that? I can't even find traces of it in the Slashdot archives!

Comment How dare you use facts? (Score 1) 491

less favorable lending rates

The people wanting to feel sorry for themselves here don't care about your damn facts. Just let them bitch about the supposed less favorable lending rates. I see there are already several who are trying to argue with you by claiming stupid things like "we made bad student loan choices". Maybe we can help get them jobs by having them help build the wall. I suggest that we put them on the south side construction crew and the problem will solve itself when the wall is finished.

Comment Re:Arrest him and throw him into Gitmo (Score 2) 627

That was my thought too, but I was thinking lock away the supposed scientist that just let some oaf bully him into giving up access to a JPL phone that might have had important security related information on it. The oaf will never learn and will continue to enjoy playing the bully, but people need to learn not to give in to them.

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