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Comment Re:Why does being rich and famous... (Score 2) 205

I'll bite. There's likely a little craziness correlated with the drive that's required to become rich and famous. Multiply this with a little craziness often correlated with 'artists' and then combine this with the ability that wealth provides to shield oneself from the reality checks that the rest of us would otherwise face. Then finally I think you might add a touch of selection bias due to the celebrity that wealth and fame bring and voila.

Comment Re:Sometimes being first isn't the best plan. (Score 1) 254

Those ships that brought most people's ancestors to where they live now are technology.

And they were built for economic profit. If the same were true of manned space travel we'd have a colony on the moon by now. "Wanderlust" already takes us to the extreme points of our planet and boundaries of the solar system.

Comment Re: Middle Ages preserved content (Score 1) 348

The destruction of the Library of Alexandria is an example of how digital "staying power" is at least on the level of the vaunted hard copy approach. As noted earlier, the facility to create, distribute and store copies is just as important towards "media longevity" as the media's physical endurance.

Comment Re:Pierson's Puppeteers (Score 1) 709

Human technologies have evolved orders of magnitude faster than the human brain has.

I think you're conflating genetic evolution with cultural evolution. I believe some human cultures have evolved at (or close to) pace with technology and some haven't. Cultural evolution involves increasing awareness of the (let's call it) limitations of genetically derived behavior and attempts to accommodate for it. Some human cultures may not be enough to ensure survival. It remains to be seen...

Comment Re:hire competent government employees (Score 2) 252

rather than the State Representative's cousin Bubba Gump or this guy from the Sunday school class

Hiring could be a revolving door with industry or whatever buzzword and acronym (see summary) generating criteria the industry uses - their management often isn't much better. Managers who poorly manage large projects still have that mystical experience. Same goes for the company.

Comment Depends on libraries (Score 1) 331

For anything outside hardware control it depends on which language has the most relevant libraries in the problem domain, where the code you write is simply the glue. You don't want to spend time reinventing the wheel unless it's a hobby or an educational project. No need to switch unless you're changing problem domains.

Comment Re:So what you're saying is (Score 2) 256

Good high schools have high concentrations of over-achievers trying to get into the best colleges. That means several AP courses each with heavy homework assignments and students staying up well past midnight - on a regular basis. High school can be stressful if entrance into top university is a priority (and you don't have connections). YMMV

Comment Re: That's a lot of money (Score 1) 181

Work your way up to VP of Search at Google

Yeah, no. That's kind of the next step before Profit! I've never been fully clear what unique contributions these types make on their "way up" that in any way justifies their compensation. Especially the higher you go; was there really no other person who couldn't have accomplished the same thing for less - a lot less?

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