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Comment Re:Only 77% have Flash? (Score 1) 210

The conventional wisdom (that I've been exposed to) would say that on desktops the Flash marketshare would be >95%. Most of that "wisdom" may have come from Adobe itself: (2011 time frame too).

I knew that Flash was being used less, I just didn't realize a substantial install base didn't have it. Or in other words 23% != nobody.

Comment local lan only, plenty of choices (Score 1) 55

>Using the open firmware DOES mean upgrading from the factory firmware, is that a major issue?

I did review before asking, but yes, I would prefer if the camera vendor was actually involved.

>If your firewall or vlan restricts it to your local network only, how important is future firmware support? If it works today, with a standard/open protocol such as mpeg, and it's not connected to the internet, what future upgrades can be so important?

Good point. In the simple case this would just mean it has no "Cloud" functionality - or I get VLAN support in my next router..

Comment What camera to buy? (Score 3, Insightful) 55

I'd like to buy an IP camera, but I haven't been able to find any that are as open/secure/clearly* supported than a raspberry pi with a camera board (and motion software). I'd rather buy a complete solution than put it together myself though.

* Not require the cloud. (Happy if the feature exists as long as it has an off switch)
* Have an OS that has a stated support period (of at least 3 years)
* Sent a video feed to other device on my network.
* 720p+
* Ideal budge Less than $100

Ideally it would have an Open Source OS that I can replace if I want, but does everything I need so I never want to...

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