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Comment Re: Hmm (Score 3, Insightful) 872

If Trump came out in favor of reintroducing segregation, he wouldn't lose many supporters. It shows what a bad state our country is in that such a man has such a large following. Racism is still a huge problem in our country.

except for BLM is already advocating for segregation (black only dorms, back only safe spaces) and hillary supports that

so hillary is literally supporting segregation now..... should we simply ignore that like you have and make assumptions that have no basis in reality???

Comment Re: Except (Score 1) 418

have they failed or just paid off the people who have the final say? there is news today that even huffington post is saying is bad news about comey getting money from the clinton camp during the investigation. lets also not forget the guy set to testify on her shot in the back 2x in a robbery....where nothing was taken not long ago. (and the 40+others) 1 is a coincidence, all of them is a pattern

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