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Comment Maybe Elliot hacked uTorrent and had their source (Score 2) 118

I am really baffled by the consultant suggesting uTorrent for such an elite character.
Really, what is the chance of an elite super paranoid libertarian anonymous hacker to be using Evil closed sourced rootkit ridden software?
I would understand seeing that scene from Angela's screen, but Elliot? Really?

A simple rule of thumb for screenwriters: ELLIOT USES ONLY OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE. PERIOD.

The only twist that would salvage this mess is if Elliot hacked uTorrent, got their source code and compiled his own version.

Comment This judge needs to go back to college (Score 1) 150

You can launder money with shit, literally, pieces of turd. Buy manure from a provider and then sell it back to a farmer, and you successfully have layered and integrated the funds as legitimate. Nobody will debate that manure isn't money, and that is not the point. The point is that money of illicit origin has been laundered.

Comment Maybe... (Score 1) 268

Maybe it is a watermark from the company who created OUR simulated unverse lol
Wouldn't it be hilarious that the real world company was named "Pear", and they watched astonished that their simulated universe spawned a company called Apple.
They might be wondering if there is a universal constant regarding to intelligence, fruits and technological entrepreneurship.

Comment ONLY ONE solution for PRIVATE & SAFE cloud sto (Score 1) 262

You guys should check MaidSafe's project called Safe Network. It is a decentralized, server-less, blockchain-less, autonomous, private, redundant, anonymous secure network that will make any centralized system obsolete. This is the only solution possible for storing private medical records, within this system THE PATIENT would OWN the medical history, and it could allow specific doctors access to it. But the patient would be 100% in control of the data, without any risk of leakage, failure or hacks.

The Safe Network project is reaching its first alpha version, but it is the culmination of 10 years of research and planning.

Skeptical? It is healthy to have some skepticism, more info here:
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?...
Article at Techcrunch: https://techcrunch.com/2014/07...
Maidsafe explained for bitcoin lovers: https://safe-network-explained...
Maidsafe presentation on Google Techtalks (June 2008): https://www.youtube.com/watch?...
Maidsafe forums: https://forum.safenetwork.io/

Comment Re: Make it easy? (Score 1) 150

Unless you have a firewall to block normal internet traffic, and only allow tor traffic to go through. In that case, even if your box gets compromized, there is no way of launching a side-channel attack.

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