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Comment Theoretically, yes ... Except ... (Score 1) 156

... the ones who could probably profit the most from the additional steps will most likely find it too tiring and will use GPS spoofing instead.
Also the study doesn't take into account the added risks to people not used to being in the actual world and moving about, which will as a result to the strange and dangerous surroundings fall prey to all those dangers present there. Like cars, bikes, air, ...

Comment Wrong approach ... (Score 3, Insightful) 251

The BBC, the new Top Gear production team, or Evans (or combination of those) made one major mistake - they attempted to copy the original Top Gear team ...
When TG US started, they also tried to set up the format identical to the UK original - and more or less failed. Until they found their own way and just stuck to the format of doing their show ...
And unless TG UK tries to actually do their own thing (albeit that might take another season or two of learning), they will fail again ...

Comment How is it ... (Score 3, Insightful) 281

... that with all Trump is known for, and who is supporting him, that he has a large following in the low-income parts of the people? The myth of "trickle down economics" has been shown to not work, as proven by the US economics, as well as world wide, with the gap between the wealth of the wealthy and that of the poor ever widening ... how can ANYBODY (apart from the very well off) vote for someone standing for the policies that Trump (and, for that matter, most of the other GOP candidates)??

Just wondering ...

Comment Re:Wrong aproach ... (Score 1) 381

To quote Fuhrman, you should eat "G-BOMBS", Greens, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries, Seeds ...

As I said, the diet (or way of eating) is basically Vegan-oriented, with a focus on nutrient contents .. that means that not everything that is "vegan" is also recommended - e.g. heavily processed white rice may be vegan, but has very low nutrient levels due to being highly processed ... instead, more natural, less processed brown rice should be used instead. White potatoes might be OK, but sweet potatoes have a higher nutrient content ... and so on ... he took the approach of looking at what the human body actually needs for nutrients, and what food sources can be used to supply that ...

Comment Wrong aproach ... (Score 1) 381

I call BS on the NYT article ...

I reckon the basic problem with diets is the kind of diets ... the typical "reduce by half" diet, or counting calories etc. will not work over the long run, because they are either tedious to follow, or deprive the body of necessary nutrients along with calories.

The way out of the whole dilemma is by not reducing what you eat, but by changing your food to healthy food. And not even looking at how much of that healthy (mostly vegetables) food you eat, but rely on the relatively low calories of those food to take care of your excessive calorie intake.

Check out e.g. books by Dr. Fuhrman, like "Eat to live" or "End of dieting" ... his explanations - combined with referencing literally hundreds of studies done in the area of food and nutrition - will help most likely just about any person wanting to live healthier, and as a by-product - lose weight when followed ...

E.g., some 10 years back I decided I needed to lose weight (albeit I didn't have any noticeable health issues even though I would have been classified as slightly obese). I managed to go down something like 60 pounds within 3-4 months by reducing the amount of food - and snacks - I ate, and even managed to keep my weight down decently for several years, though over the last 3-4 year regaining my weight.

Last August, with a BMI of 31.5 (anything above 30 is classified as obese), I started going on a "diet" based on Fuhrman's books, managing to get down to 25.5 within 3 months; currently I'm down to 22.5, with a total of almost 70 pounds lost. My personal goal is reacing a BMI in the area of 21.5 and a total loss of about 75-78 pounds. By switching to about 90-95% vegetarian/vegan food, I've had not much of a problem losing the weight, without /ANY/ of the typical "dieting" problems like suffering from hunger etc. ... when hungry, I'll just eat something - like carrots, bell peppers etc. for snacks, or a nice bowl of salad ... I've never not eaten vegetables, but were pretty picky ... and the amount of meat etc. that I usually ate of course added to the calories ...

Of course, I won't be able to supply long-term results yet, but by effectively changing my general food source and type of eating, I'm pretty confident that I'll be able to keep the weight off, and iron out the occasional "rare and appropriate" (thanks to Penn Jillette for his inspiration!) event of eating "normal", unhealthy food ...

Comment If they could they'd put an expiry on their HW (Score 1) 551

If Apple could technically (and could get away with it legally), they'd probably put some sort of expiry on their hardware ... after all, what self-respecting Apple-fanboy/girl would use any of their Macs once it's older than 2 years, or any of their phones older than 1 year? Heck, how are you going to be proud of paying for the overpriced hardware Apple is selling, if you use it as long as it still works?

Comment What could go wrong? (Score 1) 383

While the pros for a technology change like this would be interesting especially for motor tuning and efficiency, I assume the cons are pretty big ... for one, the rise and lowering of the valves isn't a binary on/off setting, but requires specific speeds (otherwise you may mess up the valve springs etc.). Also, with the current cam shaft technology, destroying a motor is more or less dependent (at least as valves and cam shaft go) on failure of the timing belt or chain (which is why there are specific recommendations in which intervals they should be replaced). With more sophisticated actuators, any failure in controlling them correctly could lead to bent valves or worse ...

Comment 99% ... (Score 1) 174

While I'm in no way a fan of Facebook, I do applaud Zuckerman's step.

As for the people "complaining" and looking for excuses, I would wager a bet that almost all of them haven't even considered giving 1% of their income for any public cause (I'm talking about unforced giving, not taxes). They are just trying to find an excuse for their OWN failure to help out others.
And even IF Zuckerman didn't pay any additional taxes - if what he is planing to do is done like that, and benefits in the way he hopes it does, I would also bet the money not paid as taxes would help at least twice as much as it would have by being taxed ... seeing what the government spends the majority of its money on (hint: it's not spent for those that really need it ...).

Comment Hard to control (Score 1) 184

It's awfully hard to control the reactions of a crowd in a panic situation. With such a density, I doubt anything really effective can be done ... least signals to "slow down or speed up" ... in such situations, low-level impulses of the brain take over ... see results of research concerning e.g. exiting a building ... most humans will tend to follow the stream, leading to overcrowding of exits (while others that would give easier egress are sparsely used).
So unless they seriously limit access (which, in turn, might cause problems at the point of entry), these sorts of "accidents" will always happen.

Comment Re:Because it Works! (Score 1) 196

All the PCBs I've needed to date I wouldn't have been able to prepare without decent (read: pricey) equipment ... double sided, through-contacts, partly 2 leads between 2.54mm spaced solder pads ... no way you'd be able to come even close to the quality (and reliabilty) with a sharpie ... get to SMD, and you're f'cked trying to do it at home at ANY reasonable cost ...

Comment Re:Because it Works! (Score 1) 196

You're doing it wrong.

1) Learn to use a PCB Design CAD Tool that let's you actually do the electronic circuit and provides all the layout items for you
2) send it off to a DECENT PCB house
3) wait 1-14 days depending on how much you are willing to spend
4) get professionally etched PCBs back, with decent through-connections, dual or multi-layer, stop mask, etc.

Of course, even this process won't keep you from making stupid mistakes. Just as you can do stupid mistakes if you etch it yourself. But as for the mirrored reverse side - any DECENT PCB house will notice as the drill holes won't match up. They'll contact you, or correct it for you.

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