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Comment Re:Not silly at all, consider context (Score 1) 130

Of the few posts I saw that showed DELIGHT at not paying for apps none of them identified what phone they are using. Do you not realize that *most* of the revenue created from apps is in game purchases from games that are free to play on both platforms? Candy crush pulled in 1.3 billion alone, and it's a free game.

So yes, it is silly to infer that Android users don't pay for things because you saw some posts on the internet about people enjoying not paying for apps. Also that android app development is second tier because of it.

Comment Re:Witness the Wastelandroid (Score 3, Insightful) 130

That's just silly. You aren't taking into consideration that Android OS covers the most cheap bare bones phones/tables/etc to the comparable galaxy/etc devices.

To make an analogy its like saying Tesla drivers spend more on Starbucks than GM drivers do. Tesla only sells relatively expensive cars while GM runs the gamut and the lower end sells much more than the higher end. A Tesla entry point is ~70K a GM is ~12k, and both top out in the 100K+ range.

I can't seem to find any numbers of like-priced devices but I will bet the numbers are probably in the +/-5% range either way.

Comment Re:Yeah he should have just said "of course we tal (Score 1) 895

I think that without a doubt the higher ups have a political agenda. If the FBI was investigating this why weren't we made aware of this every step of the way like pre-election? The people that leaked it probably did so because they knew a coverup was afoot.

I don't know any facts but I know this stinks to high heaven of coverup, and not in the Alex Jones or Breitbart way, like in the actual "The presidents top advisor was possibly violating the law with the ambassador to a country he has been constantly accused of placating." kind of way.

Comment Re:I hope this stays modded up (Score 1) 660

It's just an anecdote but I have hired for the same types of positions and get inundated with resumes, granted there's a lot of under/un qualified people but I have never had a hard time finding the talent. It was always just a matter of what I was willing to pay for that talent.


Comment I hope this stays modded up (Score 4, Informative) 660

If only to be the epitome of the problem.

Let make this analogous to the the poor farmers in the US who "can't find anyone to work those jobs".

I work with dozens of Illegal immigrants. I scoured the lands of the US for 1.5 years to fill a vacant position and I couldn't find anyone in the US to do it. I work in Apple Picking and needed a picker at $5k/yr. I was fine with a kid dropped out of high school, and I still couldn't find anyone. Eventually I get an email from someone in Mexico, and we hired her. She's amazing. However if this shit with the Illegals goes through, we can't pay her (a living wage) and she'll have to go back. I won't be able to fill the position. We'll have to let go 6 employees whom we can't replace (or marginally raise prices as everyone else will helping to boost a cyclical economy).

Why can't we find the right people here? I honestly don't know (I do but I want to address my unwillingness to pay the market price for talent). I went to every college in the area and said "If you have taken a programming class, I want you. I'll pay you (as little as I possibly can, maybe call you an intern and not at all). I'll train you in the languages we use" and no responses. Why??

Comment Re:Lost $800 Million (Score 1) 156

Reasons I take an uber over a taxi in order of importance:

-Clear and concise pick up location
-Nice, friendly people (usually)
-Nice, clean vehicle (usually)
-Contact with the driver if there is an issue
-Plain, easy to understand fare information
-No tipping or cash exchanging of any kind
-No need to find a local reputable company when traveling

Yes, I left off price because that has never been a thought if I am considering a cab vs uber. I may be an outlier but I would pay the same or more for Uber vs taxi for the above stated reasons.

Comment Exactly. (Score 1) 332

As soon as they start tweaking for better or for worse they aren't doing their job.

I did your mars search for fun and guess what? Exactly what you said the first 5-6 results were kooky sites that confirm my bias or my interest in what people who search for that are seeing. I would assume this is the exact same thing for just about every kooky conspiracy theory; ask a dumb question get a dumb answer.

Comment Re:Has anyone bothered to ask why they want the li (Score 1) 858

And maybe we wanted the list of top leaders in saddams party Iraq so we could help them with a smooth transition through counseling and education.

I highly doubt the trump transition team is asking for data of people working on things that he has described ad a conspiracy by china is an attempt to shore up weaknesses in the programs.

Unless you are saying "Maybe they want this so they can hire the proper people for certain cabinet positions" in the way of hiring people who will recognize the problem and eradicate anything or person who believes the china conspiracy.

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