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Comment Re: Microsoft is killing... what? (Score 1) 44

That's a pretty narrow view and blanket statement. There are lots of reasons to use the cloud (or hybrid setup) at larger companies, both financial and operational. Sure, it's not for everyone but it fits the bill for a lot of companies, regardless of size. I think it's funny when folks say they are concerned about cloud infrastructure security (you didn't say this but others have). If you know all the steps major cloud vendors have to go through to get certified for hosting various data, you wouldn't say that regular Joe IT can secure their own network better (we can't all be experts even though most think they are).

Comment It is sad (Score 1) 91

I haven't used google in a while just because of their invasive nature. I just tried a search for "Mustang" on google, over half the initial visible results page is ads for me to buy a car. DuckDuckGo, not so much. Sticking with DDG. Google has gone downhill a lot.

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