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Comment Re:Overpopulation solves itself, but it's messy (Score 1) 122

India has a very active population control program. Condoms, pills and abortions are provided for free by the govt. Most educated people have 1-2 kids and even the villages have stopped having large families. In fact India is not at 2.1 children/woman fecundity so essentially replacement rate though the population will keep growing through 2050 as the large mass of young people have kids but after that it will start falling. The best way to feed the children is by generating jobs for their parents rather than generating lavish lifestyles for NGO employees who spend most of your donations on First class flights and 5 star hotel stays and advertizing.

Also better access to porn. Its proven in multiple studies that countries which watch more porn have lesser sex (the standards become just too high and the real thing is dissapointing). The mobile revolution in India has increased the access to porn so birth rates should be going down soon.

Comment Re:All those uber intelligent STEM field pros (Score 1) 122

Well most of them are in the US. Outsourcing has affected Indian industrial growth in a bad way. Since IT jobs make so much most civil and mechanical engineers have moved to coding and an entire generation of progress has been lost in India. Banning the H1 would probably help India's development a lot though it would personally suck for those who have to go back.

Comment Re:But let's dig more coal to burn, right? (Score 1) 122

Most Indian coal plants built since the 80s have Coal Scrubbing Chimneys. This is old tech. Coal plants are not the issue.

The main problem in the cities is vehicular pollution, dust from construction and burning of wood and leaves by homeless people.

The solution to most of these problems is cheaper electricity- Metro trains, electric cars, cheaper electricity=more industry=more jobs= less homeless people, more industry=more taxes=better enforcement of construction norms.

Anything which drives up the price of electricity like the Renewables drivel is worsening the problems.

Greenpeace has killed more people in the last 30 years by slowing down development than died in both World Wars.

If I have to choose between Hitler and the eco-terrrorists I would choose Hitler every time.

Comment Re:Let them off-shore (Score 1) 267

Parts of India are more developed than parts of US. Bangalore is way more developed than California's Central Valley to take an example. You will meet all kinds of people in the H1 population. Some may be the first generation out of villages and first generation to attend college. Others might have lived in cities for 20 generation+ (which no American can claim as no American city is older than 500 years). India's problem is not that people dont know whats the right way to do something. Its just that there are not enough resources to do it the right way and the half solutions make the problems worse. The influx of dollars fom the outsourcing industry is providing the resources and things are improving.

Comment Re:Let them off-shore (Score 1) 267

What can be easily offshored has been done. But their really hasnt been a push to change business models as Onsite H1s have provided the buffer. If H1s are gone then the business will have to change their way of functioning and work on better specs so that the entire work can be sent offshore. If their were enough citizens to do the work H1s would not be hired. There just arent that many citizens willing to do the work at the price the jocks are willing to pay the nerds and no the jocks are not going to pay nerds more than themselves (which is what sacrificing family time to coordinate offshore deserves). They would tolerate slower IT as long as they dont have to pay nerds more than themselves. And the companies are mostly run by jocks.

Comment Re:What KINDS of local jobs too? (Score 1) 267

I am not talking about IT jobs. I am talking about the real estate broker who sells them a house, the Uber driver who drives them to concerts, the musician who performs in the concert and a 100 other jobs all getting part of their business from the H1B worker spending to live in the US. If you force the work offshore all this spending will be generating jobs in India.

Comment Re:Fix the abuse, keep the program (Score 1) 267

Thats hilarious. What was your experience? Packing groceries at Walmart. Newsflash Engineering education is in English in India. More people speak English in India than there are people in the US. Actually if you do look at it that way Indian accent is the Standard English (most spoken) and American English is a dialect eh.

Comment Re:Arrest him and throw him into Gitmo (Score 1) 626

Breaking News : Trump announces a Science Ban. No one to be allowed entrance the US of A if they believe in Evolution or Global Warming.
You ask how will they test for it?
Same way they will test an Iraqi who says he's a CHRISTIAN Iraqi and not a MUSLIM Iraqi.
The CBP will know. They have powers .....

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