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Comment Re:Holy flamebait batman! (Score 1) 894

4 People 3 meals a day 30 days thats 360 meals a month say 300 if you eat out 15 time a month. 5 dollar per person per meal is not outrageous. (1500 a month)
Plus you do need to buy laundry detergent, dishwashing liquid and garbage bags.
When a gallon of milk is 4.5 dollars its not unusual to spend 2000 dollars on food and non food groceries.

Comment Re:Retrain workers (Score 1) 894

We are now building programs which can write other programs. We have all the programmers we will ever need and the need will go down with progress. We are at peak programmer and in fact peak employment. In the 1800s when the Industrial revolution really took off philosophers envisioned by 2000 all the work would be done by machines and humans would lead lives of leisure.Now all the work can be done by machines but our economic system is not suited to use that work to provide leisure to all humans. Instead it is focussed on the ownership of capital which is just silly. Capital like money is an artificial concept. It was created by human society to serve a purpose (a store of work already done which can be used to pay for future work to be done) . When there is no more work to be done than the concept of capital is also silly after all there is no right to property in nature - right to property is a creation of society and can be aolished by society if we no longer need it. People claim with no profit motive why would anyone work but the fact is with automation we dont need people to work. The few people needed to supervise machines would do it because they find fulfillment in doing so. Similarly people would work but only at things which bring them fulillment rather than to put food on the table.

Comment Re:Holy flamebait batman! (Score 1) 894

Thats $10000 per citizen. For a family of 3 thats $30000 more than the official poverty level. The current minimum wage 7.5 dollars an hour. That spread across 50 weeks and 40 hours (most minimum wage workers dont get full 40 hours but still) thats 2000 hours and 15000 a year. So 10000 a year is not too different especially since in UBI the children are getting 10000 each too. If you consider only adults for UBI then 4 trillion federal budget divided by 200 million adults is 20000 per person/40000 per couple easily livable income (especially as its after tax).
Yes we need to do other things than pay a UBI so lets keep 1 trillion for defense, law and order , highways and regulatory agencies. Thats still 15000 per citizen.

Whats more if people are getting paid the same everywhere they will move to cheaper areas and the more expensive coastal areas will become cheaper as people move away

Further just because people have a basic income doesnt mean they will sit at home. It does mean they can try to start new businesses without the risk of not being able to make rent or buy food.

People who are working because they WANT to work rather than NEED to work are way more productive and would produce much more GDP and a larger tax base to pay taxes.

Comment Re:Holy flamebait batman! (Score 1, Informative) 894

Well Paying Tech Jobs you say?

Lets see 120K a year should be well paying right?

Thats 10K a month
Thats 9K after Social Security and Medicare
Thats 8K after Federal Taxes
Thats 7.5 K after California Taxes and SDi
Thats 7 K after Health Insurance
Thats 6.5 K after 5% in 401K to get the free match (You may say dont save bu then your taxes will be higher)
Thats 3.5 K after paying for a 2 BR apartment in the South Bay (Cannot afford San francisco on a 120K salary if you have kids)
Thats 3 K after 2 car payments for cheap sedans
Thats 1 K after buying food , non food Groceries and clothes at Costco
Thats 500 Dollars after paying for Electricity,Phone,Internet,Water&Garbage.

That leaves you a grand total of 500 dollars a month to spend on Gas, transport, entertainment , eating out or buying art supplies for your kids

Note you are not saving for a home downpayment or for kids college or an emergency fund in case you get sick and have to pay your 20% coinsurance.

Tech Jobs are not well paying for the cost of living in the Bay area.

You may say that one should have 2 salaries in the family but unless you are married to another techie the other salary will be in the range of 60K a year.
If you are making 60K a year and filing married jointly thats 30K after taxes or 5K a month.
Thats 2K amonth after paying for daycare for 2 kids
Thats 1K a month after paying for additional gas, eating out (you will eat out more if both are working) and other work expenses.

So now you may have a grand total of 1.5K with both parents rushing during the whole week.

Comment Net Neutrality Sucks (Score -1) 42

This is what happens when big Online companies like Google , Facebook etc use millions of dollars of lobbying to prevent charging by the byte under the guise of net neutrality laws. All the traffic which is generated by these sites and from which these sites generate billions of dollars of revenue needs to travel over infrastrcuture and someone needs to build it. The cable companies can no longer afford to build it as Google's lobbying (along with Netflix et al) has prevented them from making enough money (by charging the larger load creators for more money) so they no longer can create the physical infrastructure. Now the free ride is over and if Facebook, Google etc want to survive they will need to start using their own money to build the backbones. TANSTAFL.

Comment Re:Been there. Not fun. (Score 1) 813

Note the Parent poster did not complain about the White foreigner (from UK) taking his job but felt the Brown foreigner (from India) taking the Original Posters jobs was a travesty. Also when I use Brown and White I am referring to attitudes. Most Browns born and brought up in the US have White attitudes and are just as racist towards Browns as Whites brought up in the US.

Comment Re:Been there. Not fun. (Score 1) 813

Much of the coding can be done remotely but it needs US employees to take phone calls at night with India which people are not open to if they do not belong to the same company. So if you give the entire contract to an Indian company they can reduce the number of people who need to be at site , do most of the coding and management from offshore while having the key client interaction employees be in the US and have these employees work with offshore. These employees need to be a special breed - they need to be technically sound enough to do the hands on coding job, personable enough with clients to get the proper requirements and be patient enough to coach offshore teams at night. generally these jobs are done by 3 differnt people in traditional American companies so whenan HCL hires Coders or Business Analysts or Trainers locally these folks give up soon when they realize they have to do 3 different jobs. Plus they have no empathy for the offshore workers. On the other hand an offshore worker brought here on an H1B does have the empathy and has been on the other side of the table so he or she works out. In practice this means even the onsite positions are filled by H1Bs not locals.
The cost savings are realized based on having some uniquely skilled folks with strong loyalty to a company being at onsite.
Its a unique advantage Indian companies have that given the large population they are able to hire large numbers of such difficult to find people.
Theres no point complaining about it. It would be like complaining why people prefer Fizzy wine from the region of Champagne in France rather than Fizzy wine from somewhere else. Champagne just has some small but measurable geographical advantage and the same is for Indian Outsourcing companies.

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