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Comment The Salvation Army (Score 1) 268

I'm super fond of The Salvation Army as their philosophy is a hand up not a hand out, and you can restrict your donation if you want to donate to something specific like your local area or children's camp (simply put the intended use on the memo line of your check).

Comment Cause of Death (Score 1) 176

I'm not asking for a full autopsy report, but I'm tired of "famous person dies from undisclosed cause." Was it natural causes or something else? I know this may not be the case here, but I hate when people celebrate a person who dies in a less than noble manner (example: celebrity role model dieing from drug overdose)

Comment Supply and Demand (Score 1) 302

Frankly, even if TPB is a "bad thing," I'm glad it exists for the shear notion of showing media holders that their current distribution methods need refinement. Take Valve/Steam as a prime example on how to improve on cost/distribution versus the piracy that existed beforehand.

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