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Comment Re:It's Math but how (Score 1) 127

affordable smartphones had been around for years before apple made a smartphone.

furthermore, it never was even a market leader in quantities.
what was needed for the apple version, inventionwise, was nothing.

entirely evolutionary.

what was necessary from apples side was screen costs to go down enough and component costs to go down enough so they could sell you a 200 dollar device for 1200 dollars on a contract. that was the real magic of the first generation iPhone - selling a smartphone that lacked actual natively running apps, that had a lackluster resolution screen even for the time, for about 1200 dollars unsubsidized(yes thats how much a launch iPhone cost the people making 2 year contracts at the time).

a long rant about the american/global phones market at the time and how reading forbes ruins your global market leader company:

the american phone market was always twisted, especially in smartphone category - as for years yanks had been buying smartphones(palm treos, windows mobiles. blackberries) with price tags north of 1000$ without knowing that they were that expensive due to the network contracts hiding the costs of the devices(incidentally smartphone adoption in usa was low due to high costs of data plans and still is). rest of the world was dominated by symbian/nokia which provided smartphones with multitasking, web, etc. with phones in the 100 to 600 dollar price range.

you know what started the fall of Nokia really? it wasn't iPhone directly - it was iPhone being featured again and again on american magazines which made the board of Nokia think that they had lost the race and decided to aggressively "focus" on the american market - at this point symbian smartphone sales were still growing. as part of that strategy they decided to hire an american CEO, that american CEO then thought that symbian didn't matter and made a public speech declaring it dead at THE SAME TIME THE YEARLY SHIPMENTS WERE AT AN ALL TIME HIGH. the shipments had not even started to decline before the ceo publicly announced to not buy them anymore. the very same month they were at an all time high - moar money than ever from smartphone shipments for them! so why did he do it?

the board believed forbes more than they believed their own numbers of what people were actually buying globally. Nokia had put huge amounts of developer resources to pleasing american operators for no practical reason at all - as if at&t would have known what the phone needed to have in order to sell(they didn't know). hiring elop came during this focus on american market and american operators, because the light heads in the board thought that the american market was important for them(it wasn't, really).

thats such a huge amounts of fail that it's almost impossible to comprehend and bordering on sabotage, unless you look at the mindset at the people in charge: they were reading american business magazines and believing what was being written in them so they burnt about 20 billion dollars worth of company to ground and put a global brand leader name into an icebox for years.

iPhone as a device was more of a disaster for blackberry as blackberry was also a 1000 dollar device manufacturer that sold on the same markets to the same people, those markets being markets where people bought the phones along with the contract subsidized so that they never knew the real price of the device vs. service.

the biggest trick with the launch of the iPhone was selling it such a high price successfully - that was jobs magic with it.

the biggest trick with getting developers on board iPhone was deceptively simple: offer them a decent cut of the sales of the apps and ask _only_ 100 bucks to be a developer. simple.

but wait, for nokia you could develop and publish for free! well, kind of. if you wanted the app to be sold on operator sales channels and the like, you paid up your arse for it. if you wanted to use any of the more interesting api's you paid 700 bucks for signing - per update. if you wanted the even more interesting api's you paid nokia developer "club" fee, gave drinks to a bunch of people for a year and HOPED you would get the permissions.

then they were apis nokia gave only to middle management best buddies in exchange of bri.. personal parachutes(wifi sharing was built into the platform but the user interface for it was a 3rd party application. nokia ever gave the api to use to that one 3rd party developer, who asked money if you wanted to enable crypto. asking money of something that nokia built into the operating system already.).

so yes, the share of the profits of the apps that apple was willing to give the developers was a very fair one when compared to the general market at the time and the 100 bucks entrance fee was peanuts compared to general market(operator sales channels, mobile payment/licensing providers) at the time. they made being a developer being super cheap whilst they made buying the devices five times more expensive than an average smartphone.

also nokia could just as well have just hopped into the low cost android market - well, they actually did! they sold the nokia x line of phones very successfully in asia and emerging markets before microsoft put a stop to that. nokia x was the best - and cheapest - nokia I ever had - and due to various reasons I've had access to almost all nokia smartphones made between 2003 and 2013. it's not a matter of IF nokia could have made an android phone and went with that route: they successfully proved that they could make one very cheaply and that it would sell very well.. some people think thats why MS bought nokia, to prolong the windows phone by just 2 years.

Comment well.. not exactly and how you can rat out bullshi (Score 4, Insightful) 127

really, no.

the hardware enabling comes first. what you do with it comes second. there are inventions and then there are what you would call obvious ideas.

most visible advancements come from the latter while it's inventions and things that enabled those inventions which enable them.

for example, if there had not been apple, if there had not been nokia, you would still have that mobile phone - what these companies have mostly done is just applying inventions that enabled their devices to be made, like the transistor and so forth.

information theory therefore comes second, it's about what you do with them - but it is something that was born out of need for it due to other inventions already existing.

as obviously you are working mostly in applications of electric devices and what you can do with them, information theory is more important for you, because you aren't really trying to design a smaller chip and break chip manufacturing minimum size limits, in which case you would find the physics research to have been way more valuable for you - and without those devices that are enabled by science you wouldn't be using them for engineering solutions using them.

shannon seems mostly having been interested in the logic side of things: If you have a machine that does this and this what will be the logical conclusion that you can do with it - people like this are far more likely to pop up rather than the kind of people who come up with the new device itself - for example an internal combustion engine meant quite a lot of changes to the world, once you had that it didn't take quite as much imagination to use it for something as it did to actually come up with a design for a working motor - but once you had the motor it would be obvious to use it to generate electricity, to drive cars, to drive boats and so forth.

incidentally this difference is how you can smell bullshit sellers a million miles away: if someone is selling like a perpetual motion machine that makes water or a car that runs on water, you need to ask yourself: why isn't he applying it to such and such.

the thorium car from a while back for example: who fucking cares if it can run a car forever when, if they had a working model for the power source, they would be using it on a car as the last thing on earth making the whole design and articles about it utterly stupid. Having the power generating unit would change the whole world and the cars would be the last thing to change, so why try to sell the idea as a car engine as the first thing?

Comment Your textbook is stupid and the author should be f (Score 1) 224

Your textbook is pretty dumb. it's just as much linux as your wireless router is probably linux - no, it's even more so linux than that. just because you're not using X doesnt make it non-linux - or then me and my brothers first linux installations weren't linux too(they were).

Android most definitely is Linux. you cannot separate the two. even if you're not using ndk and using only dalvik/art, you're still using linux threads and a bunch of other linux things almost directly.

you COULD maybe run "android apps" inside another operating system, but Android as in lets say android 5.0 or whatever is definitely linux and a lot of how the apps and systems on it work bind directly to the linux kernel all the way to the way process security works. furthermore you can just run linux binaries too, provided that the linux installation of course on the phone has everything that binary needs in order to run.

anyways, if your android textbook says it's not linux, then people who learn by it will probably never even think that it is linux and thus can just wonder with amazement at what some apps do while they can never make their apps do the same.

did the textbook also tell you that asynctasks are somehow magical without showing you the source to them, disproving them as magical and making them look like a dumb waste of space?

Comment Re:DuckDuckGo (Score 1) 103

the idea is to demote links to such search engines.

the companies who provide this service to the media companies are lazy as fuck, so what they care is just sending a few per week to the same sites that are on the first page of results. they bill by the amounts served and bill high and just do it enough.

case in point how it works on youtube - you can find common movies and tv shows from major networks if you just bother to type in the names. the folks SELLING this service to the media companies DO NOT EVEN BOTHER with that 99% of the time, instead they just trust youtubes content id.

seriously, if I can find top gear on youtube, why can't the folks selling the content protection to bbc cant? because they are lazy fucks.

Comment Re:If Apple built a Hololens we'd never hear about (Score 1) 113

But they want developers on board of it already.
Despite the developers not having a market or users to sell to!

2019 is just as good as saying "in the future! with memristors!".

the development suite for hololens 1 is THREE THOUSAND BUCKS. THREE FUCKING THOUSAND BUCKS.

or 5000 bucks if you want warranty and basic mdm that you would get for free on a 99 bucks android phone.

2019 is just as same as saying they're just waiting for some prices to come down. but it makes it almost totally utterly pointless to buy the devkit for 3000 bucks now, given that an user version of the same thing is 2 years away(at least) and might not have _anything_ to do with the devkit!

Comment Re: whose fraud??? (Score 5, Insightful) 188

thats exactly the thing why they want it in USA rather than NZ.

because it no longer matters in USA if you can win in court because YOU DON'T HAVE TO.

plea bargains are such bullshit in both ways. it's a travesty.

for example, there's far more murders in usa than there are convicted murderers - and same applies to all other kind of cases.

as if what happened depends on if you plea guilty or not - how the fuck is that even supposed to work? now i'm all right with giving more lenient sentences to people who confess but changing the crime based on if you get a confession or not is a travesty on the world of statistics.. and well, morals too.

not to mention of course that you're not supposed to even get a more lenient sentence for confessing because you're not supposed to witness against yourself in the first place.

Comment Re:whose fraud??? (Score 5, Interesting) 188

the system, feds, mpaa and some of the new zealand officials can't just drop the case either now since they are all so deep in it that if the case gets dropped without getting him into a court in usa then they're all in deep doodoo already.

basically, what MPAA, FBI etc. want is for fatty fat pants to get dragged into a US court and make him do a plea bargain - since otherwise they're on the hook for fucking up the investigation in many shady ways from day 0. someone(mpaa?) pushed them into this years ago now and now they're already so deep in damages and questionable conduit that the real question is under what authority did they even do everything they did.

like, they don't even want the normal court proceedings - they just want some kind of a plea bargain to get them off the hook. that way it never goes to actual court.

also - how the fuck do you change the reason for extradition in the middle of extradition hearings anyways?

if they wanted just an actual court they might just as well have done that inside new zealand.

Comment Re: I'm sure he had nothing to hide (Score 3, Insightful) 895

trump doesn't understand that or if he does then he thinks he can have an advantage of the situation, he was brought up during the cold war years and for that period there's like two powers in the world, usa and russia. his followers understand this much. makes it a lot easier for him to deal with china when he doesn't understand them too and they are "outside" of the power game(when they really aren't).

for Putin it suits well because Trump doesn't want Putin out of the office, trump doesn't care if Russia is democratic or not. if anything trump would want to have the same powers Putin has.

Comment Re:Free (Score 3, Interesting) 259

playboy is more of a brand than anything nowadays.

also playboy does some non-nude variations internationally already.

the thai version is non-nude for example.. and they got a thai tv channel thats non-nude too.

this new "we'll have nudes but they're not going to be 100% sexual but just natural" thing sounds like a disaster though.

Comment not useless, but not revolutionary. (Score 3, Insightful) 139

it's just a move towards back to windows 2000 gui rules.

you know, like input text boxes looking like input text boxes and buttons being distinctly buttons.

they make it sound all fancy and all that, but thats what it is. basically they're reinventing the wheel they spent tens of millions dollars to research in mid and early '90s.

a good example of how the current metro design language is fucked up is just the windows 10 installer. you have _choices_ where the other choice is a distinct box and the another choice is something that looks like a hyperlink buried in the text - both of these behave the same (take you to the next screen with the choice you made) but look totally different to the point that most users aren't even aware there is a choice to install it without a microsoft account.

Comment Reduce burocracy! (READ THIS FINLAND SITUATION) (Score 2) 399

Trying it in kenya seems strange.

But, the idea of universal income is that you can do away with all the other social security mechanisms and give people enough that they can survive. This means that then you CAN take extra jobs for a little less money.

Basically in Finland now you CAN NOT take a job that pays under a certain amount in the month because then you will be out of other benefits and you can't survive! but if you would have universal income then you COULD do another job for even 5 bucks / hour, making a lot more jobs viable.

the thing in finland is that the government is obliged ALREADY to provide basic social security to everyone through one way or another but the burocracy for that is very heavy. If you would roll up all the benefits into one, including housing benefits, and just give that to everyone it would be cheaper, easier and enable you to work at the same time.

also it would put pressure to provide housing in which you could live with that.

it would be feasible to take jobs like mowing your neighbors lawn for couple of bucks - right now it really isn't if you're unemployed as you would get kicked out of unemployment status(potentially, or get a quarantine).

Basically it enables a lot of smaller jobs to be done vs. just putting everyone in the social security/unemployment benefits which deny the possibility to take low paying jobs for couple of days every now and then.

as such it would enable manufacturing and service jobs that are not feasible right now, but more importantly you could just fire most of the burocrats out of a cannon into the moon.

why isn't this already being done fullscale in Finland? well duh the buros don't want to lose their jobs too(also in some cities the waiting time to get a social security hearing is longer than even legally allowed.. ).

it would be rather simple to implement too. just make the progressive taxing that finland has just a little bit more progressive, so that people earning (pre tax) 2700e / month or so would be sitting at the same income level of money to the hand (universal basic income would be given to _everyone_ - even those who have good jobs and don't need it. thats what makes it UNIVERSAL and makes it unnecessary to have the burocracy around it).

Comment Re:Google fags create horse shit (Score 1) 146


ways to track people they made UP on the spot!

you see, they're already tracking everyone so they'll just make these computer generated faces to track them.

(you can't track people effectivey with a 8x8 image. you could however generate fake evidence that shows that it _could_ match this and this dude, or even 99% of population.).

Comment Re:Given the price (Score 1) 128

Many, many BT headsets, e.g. Samsung's, are much more expensive.

thats not really it though is it? samsung has bt audio sets starting from 50 bucks and going to the 250 range, at which point you get pretty decent over the ear design already...

apple on the other hand sells what is essentially a worse version of samsungs cheapest offering at triple the price.

of course you would want them connected at least to each other..

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