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Comment Re:Woosh. (Score 1) 106

Hydrogen, in 2016, is a non-starter. First you can't just 'get' it. We're quickly getting an EV grid and the Natural Gas 'grid' is already there.

Not sure what you mean here. We are "quickly getting an EV grid", but somehow "quickly getting a hydrogen grid" is such a huge problem? If Tesla can pull off the EV grid, then who's to say Nikola (or some other company, for that matter) can't do the same with hydrogen?

There's also the possibility for these trucks to be plug-in hybrids. They're not talking about it, but adding support for an external charge supply would be more or less trivial.

Comment Re:Great idea to do this with a truck (Score 1) 106

We definitely know the drive train can act as a "big engine brake". It uses regen braking, which as we know is very well establish technology. It's like compression brakes on steroids that charge the batteries and make no noise. In theory, the regen braking should provide stopping power very similar to acceleration power. The actual brakes should only need to be employed in emergency situations and at, and approaching full stop.

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