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Comment Nice. (Score 1) 17

Similar story here, except it's been a bit longer since I've posted a JE... my most recent post was when Steve Job's bit it. I've been lurking around slashdot recently, mostly reading front page articles. It seems like Slashdot is once again a good place to visit. It's like an old friend and doesn't seem to have changed all that much.

Comment Truly a sad day! (Score 1) 1613

Wow, what a sad day for the industry. I guess this shouldn't come as a big surprise since we've been hearing about his health for some time now.

I also know it's been said many times, but Steve Job was truly visionary. The last decade, and particularly since the iPad has been released, have been tremendous in terms of the amount of influence he has made (though that's been the case most of his career at Apple). Over the past few years, I slowly started picking up Apple technology. As a long term PC guy this was a tough thing to do and in hindsight, I wish I'd started earlier! I hope his legacy lives on. One can only wonder how the face of computing would have changed if he had another 10 years.

Here I am typing this on my first ever Macbook Pro. I haven't logged in for a few years here on /. but thought this story was worthy of a post. Way to go Steve, Rest in Peace!

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