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Comment Re:easy to fix without adding more limits (Score 1) 317

No that is good for everyone. Because the american worker (citizen or permanent resident) would only be competing against legal alien, and not the population of the entire world. These work visa could still be restricted per field and have wage lower bounds.

What we would gain with visa portability is visa holders would become indistinguishable from the american worker to the companies. Then doing statistics on them to decide how many new visa to emit the year after and how to change the minimum wages bounds.

Comment Re:Matloff's myths on "indentured servitude" (Score 1) 317

Well, yes and no. H1B are not actually that portable. The only thing that "portability" means is once you have an H1B, any new H1B application for you is no longer capped for quotas. But you still need a new H1B visa.

That means that your new employer still needs to fill a full application for your new H1B visa. That is an expensive process, and many companies do not want to do that or do not have the legal department to follow up with that.

So while yes, H1B are more flexible that people think, they are not as flexible as would be useful to level the playing field.

Comment Re:Google maps navigation option? (Score 1) 357

It may already be in google maps without you knowing. It is just a matter of weighting differently turns depending on whether they are left or right turns. Actually provided the shit ton on data that google has, they may actually be able to estimate the cost of each turn for each light.

Comment Re:Not Possible to Grade on Metrics (Score 1) 228

As usual, there is no perfect metric. But there are first cut indicators.
Things like bug reported per line of code, size of the diff after a code review, simple measures of code readability, how many bugs closed of particular categories, ...
Metrics never tell you the entire story, but that gives a quick idea of who is doing what kind of code is being written. You'll need to look deeper into particular developers to put things in context.

Comment Re:Because they're constantly generating new keys. (Score 1) 203

I have no idea how the system is built in practice. But the lock does not HAVE TO be on the network if you use a public key encryption system.
The lock could read an encrypted stream of bits from the keycard, decypher it with the lock's public key and check the expiration date of the keycard (encoded in the stream of bits) against its internal clock.
Now, that has drawback, in particular it prevents easily baning a keycard after it was emitted (since you would need to be able to tell the lock which is not on the network). But the lock does not have to be network connected.

Comment Re:Needs an upgrade (Score 1) 69

> The field of view is very small and needs to increase ninefold for the hololens to be really useful outside niche applications.

The headset is not too heavy and is fairly balanced on your head. But I still wouldn't wear it out of very particular use cases. So I don't think it will in the current form ever be used "casually". It is going to be either for entertainment or for a particular business use.

The field of view is a bit small, but I still can imagine dozens of applications even at that size. And frankly I do not see how a bigger field of view would make it more applicable: it would be nice, but that wouldn't change the game.

Comment Re:Quatify the cost means Itemizing expence (Score 1) 537

In practice you often already have an classified expense report because each college and each department typically have its own budget. Expenses are most of the time already classified as full time salaries, assistantship, equipment, ... And they are often already tagged as research expense, educational expense, building maintenance, etc. because different sources of money can only pay for some type of expenses.

So my guess is that every university has a pretty good idea of the real cost of having students in different majors.
Though the funding comes from many sources as well. For instance in state schools, professors salary are paid by the state, and not out of tuition. TA positions are typically paid out of tuition. Building can sometimes be paid out of state money, tuition, or even alumni donations depending on the building. Many uncommon hard to classify expenses are often paid out of the overhead charged by the university on federal grants. The accounting of a university is fairly complicated.

Comment Re:The questioner reveals their own dishonesty (Score 1) 460

I don't understand why people are upset about the redefinition of unemployment. How unemployment is measured is very clear. Now, one can agree or disagree on how we call those things, which is why we measure unemployement with 6 metrics called U-1 to U-6.

If you think U-3 is a better representative than U-6, then fine, use the U-3. But at the end of the day, they are different statistics that show different trends.

Refining metrics to find the one that is appropriate is what we do all the time in science. We pick the metrics that show the properties of the phenomena we try to explain. We do the same things in finance, we look at stock price, total valuation, dividend per share, price to earning ratio, ...

The problem is complex so we use many indices to try to make sense of it.

Comment Is Linux now a reasonnable gaming OS ? (Score 5, Interesting) 99

Interestingly, about half of the game in that top 100 list are available for Linux. That is about the same number available for Mac. Obviously they are all available for windows.

I have been casually playing on Debian using steam. And I do find enough game to keep me entertained. I am not sure whether Unity, steam OS, or the need to port games to mobile systems contributed to the increase in gaming support for Linux. But Linux definitely seems to have reasonable gaming options.

Opinions ?

Comment Re:What!? (Score 1) 255

"Apple tried. Google tried. Samsung is about to try. And all of them learn sooner or later that these projects have 5-year ramps and 10 years of support, that the hardware is 10x costlier than they are used to, and that the OEMs and end-customers have zero tolerance for their "move fast, break shit" attitude."

Well, Samsung is a big conglomerate with part of the business is building ships, airplanes, and tanks. So they probably can manage a car :)

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