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Comment Re:Or how about recruiting people that we have? (Score 2) 890

Note that with a UBI given to citizen and permanent resident, hiring locals now cost one UBI less than hiring a foreign worker.

Personnally, I see a UBI as a great way to sponsor the arts and community service.

Clearly I am not an economist so the numbers would have to be run (maybe they have been). But I think it is interesting enough to be considered.

Comment Re:Is it worth it? (Score 1) 370

No, women don't make better programmers than men (when taking the whole population into account, there is a bit of sampling bias).

But they make more programmers to pick from. So if you take the 10% best programmers, but you only started from a pool of randomly selected people (male), you get worse programmer, than if you start from the entire population.

And I do care about having the best computer scientist going in the field.

Comment Re:Meaningless (Score 1) 252

Well, awards are mostly there to reach a wider audience. Books with awards are often more prominently set in book stores, they are discussed in talk shows, and in radio shows.

Look at movies, I usually don't watch American comedies. I usually find them of too low quality to be of interest to me. But I usually will watch and enjoy action movies even if the typical quality is no better than the American comedies. But when I hear of an American comedy that won some kid of award, it indicates me that this one is better than average. So maybe I'll enjoy it.

Comment Re:Bit fields (Score 2) 125

that probably would not have made much of a difference. People would have assumed that this would never happen and would have made practical implementation assuming a fixed 32 bit space. By the time it became a practical problem, we would have had a creep of devices that does not follow the norm, and managing that would be a nightmare.

Just see the sorry state of utf-8. We still have so many code bases that are not utf-8 compliant despite we have seen the need for it over 15 years ago.

Comment Re:I don't understand the issue (Score 1) 110

If these items were really at free shipping, then there would be no issue.
The issue is that they rank it for free shipping. But if you add to cart less than $x (I think it is $35) or if you are not a prime customer, then you are charged shipping.
So essentially, amazon is not representing fairly shipping cost across sellers. (Which is a hard problem to be honest.)

Comment Tech problem (Score 1) 211

> Standard Innovation designed the We-Connect app to collect and record intimate and sensitive data on use of the vibrator, including the date and time of each use as well as vibration settings...
> Slashdot reader BarbaraHudson argues that "It kind of has to share that information if it's going to be remotely controlled by someone else."

Does it ?

First of all, collecting and recording the information does not seem necessary for the app to work.

Then, to enable an external user control over the device, you just need to connect the two smartphones together. You do not necessarilly need the data to transit to third parties. You probably can route all the information over tor and never have a clear message given to the company or anyone else than the two involved party.

Or am I missing something?

(BTW, this device give a new meaning to Avenue Q's "The internet is for porn")

Comment Re:Google is still #1 (Score 4, Informative) 118

I don't know if they are number one. But that MS argument is phony.

For the longest time, google people were pushing to Also the kernel contributions do not go to github.

Also, claiming you have more contributors do not tell much. Did they only contribute one line?

Comment Re:Tabspaces? (Score 1) 391

But does anybody seriously type all those spaces? You don't just set the Tab key to expand to spaces?

or most likely, the editor enforces formatting with whatever parameters you configure it with. That's emacs default setting in C for instance: pressing tab indents this line consistently with the one above.

Comment Re:25 to 30 feet above the trees? (Score 1) 644

Oh, "above the tree" is what I missed. Depending on the tree it may not be that unreasonable.

I think that opens lots of questions. 75 feet is high enough for it to probably be harmless in term of privacy. But at the same time, it is low enough that I would feel uncomfortable about the drone. Depending on the size of the property and the distance to the house, there are weird angles through windows possible. The presence of drones change the "expectation of privacy".

I feel legislation is going to be necessary.

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