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Comment Re:Welcome to the Digital Divide. (Score 1) 325

I'd prefer if they hadn't wasted money neutering the site in an attempt to pretend it's "mobile friendly"

Leaving the full site for use on all devices would have saved money on development (fewer ads needed to "keep the lights on") all while having a substantially better experience for the people visiting the site. Alternatively, they could have spent time actually optimizing the pages to be smaller and more efficient, saving money on bandwidth, and server processing and memory requirements, also then requiring fewer ads to "keep the lights on".

Bloat is bad for website owners, as well as users, "mobile" sites did nothing to help that in any way, but lots to make it harder to use, which frustrates your users, and decreases the number that visit your site (decreasing your revenue)

"mobile" websites need to die a horrible horrible death.

Comment Re:Thanks green1 but DNS has issues (Score 2) 325

oh boy....

Your DNS can easily be local, on your network, and it means that everyone connecting to your network, regardless of device, has the advantage of ad blocking.

I don't need to jailbreak my mother in law's iPad for her to get the advantage of the DNS blocking, I don't have to root my wife's android, every device that comes in to the house and connects to the network automatically gets the advantage of ad blocking just by virtue of connecting. And best of all, I can make updates to one device instead of dozens as new ad domains appear.

Hosts is great for people who only use a PC, never use a mobile device, have few devices, and don't know how to configure a DNS server, but for true geeks (the main audience of this site) it's lacking on many levels.

There's a reason we don't all just have hosts files for the whole internet, there's a reason DNS was invented, those same reasons are what makes it superior to a hosts file for this application as well.

Comment Re:Maybe someone can clarify this. (Score 1) 325

As much as I'm not a fan of APK and his hosts file spam, this is somewhere he's right.
The only way to really use the internet these days is with either a hosts file blocking thousands upon thousands of entries, or better yet, a DNS server that does the same for all your devices at once (I use the latter).
Without that, many ads still waste your time and bandwidth, even if you don't have to see them at the end.

Of course the downside is that it makes it even easier for sites to detect when you're blocking ads, but there are ways around that too on a case by case basis.

Comment Re:Welcome to the Digital Divide. (Score 2) 325

The art of optimization seems to have disappeared, it made a small resurgence when web developers tried to optimize for the mobile web, but it doesn't look like most developers ever tried that hard.

They never tried to "optimize" for the mobile web, they just removed half the content while leaving all the ads and tracking in place. It means that the mobile version ALWAYS sucks in comparison to the full version, even when viewed on a mobile device.

I have NEVER seen a single "mobile" web page that was better on my phone than the full version of the same site. I never, under any circumstances, ever want to see the mobile version of any web page.

Comment Re:Made no sense since Apple cut iPhone production (Score 0, Flamebait) 53

There's simply no reason to buy an Apple product.

You act like this is a new phenomenon, there hasn't been a reason to buy an Apple product in 2 decades. They've consistently been behind their competition in product features and ease of use, and their prices have been significantly higher just to add insult to injury.

Apple does one thing well, and only one thing. Marketing. They are amazing at marketing, they can take a second or third rate product, and attract a rabidly loyal fan base to it. Any other company would kill for that ability.

Comment Re:Canada is a perfect example (Score 1) 290

You're omitting the fact that Canada is already subject to such regional pricing on many products making it far more than the 50% you quote.
Everything from books to music to cars to other items all priced far higher than the exchange rate would justify.
And to add insult to injury, we spend a fortune to enforce trade barriers with the sole purpose of keeping it this way.

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