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Comment Re:Great! (Score 2) 90

The U.S. government budget for 2016 was $3.999 Trillion. The U.S. Defense Dept. budget for 2016 was $597 Billion. So, that's, 14% of the budget. Of that, approx. 1/2 is due to personnel costs. Another $100 Billion goes into physical plant, leaving about $200 Billion for everything else. A chunk of that goes into R&D and not fielded weapons.

Now, about the War Industrial Complex. Most companies do not rely on U.S. Defense dollars because the money isn't big enough. The U.S. has approx. at $19 Trillion economy. To think you are going to swing that in any direction with $200 is silly. You might argue that the entire approx. $600 Billion should be included. However, if you remove that from salaries, health benefits, etc., you lose that chunk of the economic savings you think you are going to get.

Comment Re:Meanwhile in Poland (Score 2) 154

The Poland of WWII doesn't exist, and they fought valiantly against a superior foe only to be fucked by the Russians.

Poland today is a top-notch NATO ally, one of the few who will accept American missiles because they know the Russians won't be truly happy until they get a crack at fucking up Eastern Europe for another 50 years.

Comment Re:Syrian drones (Score 1) 154

The right group to back in Syria? Are we talking about the same country with Alawites allied with Christians against Sunnis allied with Allah and backed by some spoiled twat from Turkey with Iran hovering behind the scenes willing to keep Syria to the last Arab and funding Hezbollah to spice up the mixture a bit? That Syria?

A nuke on Raqqa, Aleppo, Homs, Hama would fix nothing. The entire MidEast would erupt, it might even bring the Shi'ites and Sunnis to start male-on-male kissing each other in public. And broaching the nuclear threshold isn't such a bright idea if we'd like to keep Pakistan and India from allowing their crazies to have at it. And there's nothing stopping the Norks from slipping one to the many Arab "charities" who will feel it their duty to carry it to NYC and let it off.

Comment Re:LOL (Score 2) 169

The EPA did a good job of cleaning up the air after the 60s and 70s showed just how bad it could get. The NTSB does a good job of forcing transportation failures to get fixed so they do not re-occur. The NiH does a good job of fixing diseases so you don't die from them, sure the job remains unfinished but they've had many successes. SS as fixed Grandma coming to live with you because she has no other means of support. The FDA does a good job keeping Joe's Bait and Wholistic Drug Emporium from selling you rat poison disguises as children's gummy bears. Need I continue?

Comment Re: Has Wikileaks jumped the shark? (Score 1) 269

But Bam-Bam does have a chance of being elected. There's a fair majority of Republicans who think he's the bees knees. Personally, I think they are ignorant gits, just like their hero. How they got to their current dyspeptic view of the world is the real problem. Republican leaders have spent the last 20 years saying one thing to the faithful and another to industry and politicians. Now that they have so convinced their rank and file that they are disenfranchised, they are somehow amazed they feel disenfranchised, no matter how removed from actual fact that is.

Democrats are similarly culpable in promising their rank and file that if the U.S. is all multi-culti and disengages from the world, its and the world's people will somehow all stick together in some sort of goopy social mass. Their fellow travelers in Hollywood spent the last 20 years producing the dumbest, lamest infotainment and are now aghast the American people have no brains. You can see it in Sander's supporters who got all excited about "free" college. Oh, free for whom? Like the unis wouldn't do precisely what they did the last time the U.S. pissed off a lot of money on unis. They spent it on bureaucracy and hiring each others "stars".

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