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Comment Re:we've been stuck at 4 core for too long (Score 1) 277

Intel has had >4 core CPUs but the affordable stuff for consumers has all been 4 core / 8 thread with the rest of the die given over to GPUs that nobody who needs high performance graphics wants anyway.

You're making it sound like AMD hasn't been doing the same. For the past four years, all their new consumer CPUs were quad-core APUs with an integrated GPU, while the GPU-less AMD FX processors have been nearly abandoned.

Comment Re:I don't get the media love for the Pixel (Score 1) 105

Another problem with Samsungs is that they are normally carrier locked and come with carrier bloatware. As a result, a typical Samsung phone has about one hundred more, impossible to delete, apps installed than a typical Oneplus or Nexus or Pixel. Being loaded with carrier bloatware crap also means incredibly slow update process because the updated ROM must be tested by the carrier.

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 1) 105

There were reasons to upgrade to 5X. Great and accurate display. Better camera. Larger capacity battery. Its stock OS is Nougat that's updated every month. On the other hand, those improvements couldn't justify the hefty price increase for the phone with very limited storage and only 2GB on RAM. The Nexus 5X wasn't well received originally, but when I saw some online retailers selling 32GB model for under 250USD, I couldn't resist and got one for myself.

Comment Re:Ignoring Customers (Score 1) 105

Oneplus proved that a cheap or affordable device can come with flagship level hardware and features. We're living in a kind of a smartphone bubble where a typical iPhone costs well under 300USD to manufacture, and yet retails for 650USD plus. I don't know why the Android flagship phones need to be just as expensive. Perhaps the Android phone manufacturers have bought into the myth that in order to be taken seriously, their phone must cost as much as the iPhone.

Comment Re:Ignoring Customers (Score 1) 105

So my next reasonably priced device will be a OnePlus or Hauwei.

That's exactly my thought too. This seems like the trend now among the refugees from the Nexusland. I have had already very good experience with Oneplus One. This thing was built like a tank. It just refuses to die after being dropped and developing dents on its body. It is still surprisingly fast ans responsive smartphone with great battery, and with good community support.

Comment Yawn.. smartphones have become mature and boring (Score 2) 105

The smartphone gossip at the beginning of each year has become very mundane and boring. Despite being promised a "game changer", We know that every new flagship phone will come with an identical latest gen snapdragon SoC, it will have a large high resolution display, plenty of RAM and storage, and they all will look the same.

Comment I don't any more (Score 4, Interesting) 215

Let's begin by saying that the stock ROMs on certain devices have become very adequate. I own a Nexus 5X and a Moto X Pure smartphone, and their stock ROMs are basically a pure Android experience. The software is already lean without any carrier bloat. Everything works fine, except for the times when google's rushed updates may sometimes introduce a new bug. I also run a stock Samsung ROM on my Galaxy Tab S tablet.

On the other hand, there is a considerable cost to using a third party alternative ROM like Cyanogenmod. For one, those third party ROMs don't always support hardware as well as the stock. If you had read release notes for something like a Cyanogenmod release, you had surely run into statements like "limited camera functionality" or "fingerprint sensor, etc".

Another issue with third party ROMs is that some software builders actively block or sabotage them. For example, the AT&T's Uverse streaming service will detect whether you have a rooted or third party ROM and stops working. The Netflix goes only up to 480p resolution on a non-stock ROM. "Fixing" this probably involves editing build.prop and hiding your root, but I haven't tried it recently.

Comment Re:already exceeding expectations (Score 1) 1560

The history of Ukraine and Russia are so intertwined that they both claim that their origins are traced to the medieval state of Kievan Rus. (That is, Kiev, the modern capital of Ukraine at one point was the capital of all "Rus"). The word Ukraine itself is a Russian word that literally means "borderland". You know how closely two people's related to each other when they can still be seen bickering about whether Gogol was a great Russian or Ukrainian writer. At the same time the ownership of massive amount of territory in the South East Ukraine has very murky origins (it used to be land controlled by Crimean Tatars before conquered by Russian Empire in 18th century) and probably like half of all Ukrainians either identify themselves as Russians and Russian speakers. It's pretty much guaranteed that these two states are going to take a long time to settle all of their disputes. So you can't really trace parallels between Ukraine and a lot of other European countries, even though they are rattled by Russia's actions.

Comment Re:What about Scheme? (Score 1) 205

What "advanced stuff"? Please. As the baby boomer generation of the CS professors is dying out or being retired, the LISP is going away with them. LISP brought a few cool ideas into the programming world, such as functions as first class citizens or other elements of functional programming to the masses, but none of that justified compulsive teaching of LISP for like a half of century. It's quite telling when you observe that LISP is being used in the academia for DECADES and yet it just doesn't stick with its students in the real world. Something is wrong with it.

Comment Re:Reasonable and boring. (Score 4, Interesting) 206

Let's face it. Your argument is kinda weak because every president elect has always been the world's biggest target regardless of how much of the popular vote the pres won (for the curious, the presidential candidates must always spend resources to optimize their electoral college votes because that's what counts, unlike the useless popular vote). The president's smartphone is always locked down and provided by the government IT specialists regardless of what his previous preferences were. Just last year, when the Samsung Galaxy S7 was "the thing", Obama was handed a "locked down" Galaxy S4 because this is how it works. The commander in chief must always be using a tested and locked down device.

Comment Re:What about Scheme? (Score 1) 205

Scheme is now almost a history in college classrooms too. It was common back when MIT, Berkeley, and other top CS programs used SICP in their introductory courses. Now that many of those schools have dropped SICP and replaced it with a Python based course, the LISP now is on much weaker footing in the college instruction.

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