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Comment Re: Monopolies hurt everyone but (Score 1) 65

Non-exclusive doesn't mean anyone can get a franchise agreement. The problem is that even with massive complaints, the exclusivity agreements remain in effect. It's simply impossible for any other provider to get an agreement with the same terms TWC gets. And though technically illegal, NY courts only allow for local arbitration of said contracts which are adjudicated by local politicians. By the time this is even permitted to go to a non-local judge you spent a good 10 years in court.

Comment Re: Not a problem at all (Score 1) 858

Just because something is mainstream vs fringe doesn't make it any more moral. Feminism and Christianity is relatively mainstream as is BLM but that doesn't make them any less dangerous, hate-groupy or morally superior to the KKK or Black Panthers which both are having a resurgence due to the former. Nazis were pretty mainstream, it was just those crazy SS and Hitlerjugend that were fringe by that definition.

Comment Re:What does Apple get? (Score 1) 181

Those foundations are just legal money laundering establishments. There never was any money in the foundation nor did it spend it on charity. The layoffs happen in response to a political need to save face but I you can be assured by the time Chelsey runs for office it will be twice the size to handle the "donations".

Comment Re:installed by a contract third-party IT speciali (Score 1) 43

It's an accumulation of "little things" that some bozo decides he can do himself resulting in initial savings until the shit hits the fan.

I've gone to plenty of customer sites (I'd say 75% of them) where routers and switches, backup drives and even servers appear all on their own. "Oh yeah we bought that to do x" and often I unplug it and have to tell them "well this is your problem" "but it worked for a couple of weeks" "and then you had a power outage and now there are 2 different DHCP ranges on your network"

Comment Re:installed by a contract third-party IT speciali (Score 3, Insightful) 43

As an independent IT specialist myself, you can't believe the boneheaded clients that will either demand an uncomplicated "no password" policy, fail to follow directions or too cheap to update or go in and make these type of setting themselves after the fact.

Could easily be that the IT contractor set it up for a particular IP range and then the customer wanted to do something from home or allow remote workers, saw the bill and said "removing this line makes it work", became the office IT fixer and then at their next employee review "I saved the company $15000/year in consulting cost".

There are plenty of idiots in IT, but the cheap-skate know-it-all customers are way worse. I think computers and "IoT" devices should go back to defaulting to a command prompt only accessible by serial cable or local terminal and bring nothing online unless explicitly configured.

Comment Re:Profit! (Score 1) 103

Most people's "stuff" isn't worth $600, at that price point, perhaps a few companies with dimwitted C-levels. Additionally, most devices backup automatically to iCloud or sync to your computer, so all you have to do is reset it and re-sync it.

There is very little use for this tool, except law enforcement and spy stuff. Which is why it's so expensive.

My question is: how does it actually work. Given all the security on the device, I wouldn't be surprised if this is just a temporary software hack.

Comment All Trump's fault (Score -1, Flamebait) 123

This makes me feel triggered. I want to be able to continue trampling over people's rights, especially their right to free speech so I don't get emotionally hurt by what they say. This only enforces the ageism and sexism in mainstream media, they are raping these poor actors, rape I tell you.

Comment Re:Tesla Coil (Score 1) 109

It practically is a Tesla coil in the middle of the room, except it's not shooting off streamers, the electric seems to be conducted by the walls.

Efficiency is only 95% in a very small portion of the room (around the pole), for the rest it goes down to ~40%. So yeah, you'll be heating it up just like a regular transformer.

Comment Re:Getting paid for ruining unlicensed spectrum (Score 1) 64

The nice thing about WiFi is that it's chips are easily configured. I know the FCC a few years ago wanted to kill it under pressure of corporate interests, but I have no problem shortening various timings on my OpenWRT box to the point I can drown out pretty much any non-WiFi channel.

This is indeed a very idiotic plan, this won't work well once the 5GHz band gets sufficiently saturated like the 2.4GHz band is right now. Let them use the 2.4GHz at 100mW or less if they don't want to pay for a license.

Comment Re:As for the ink (Score 1) 86

Given it's an inkjet with 42k nozzles, I highly doubt the heads would be replaceable therefore any clogging from the ink (whether it's dried out or cheap after-market) would utterly destroy the printer. Actually looking at their website, it seems that the only way to get any repairs is to get a service contract.

Comment And so history repeats itself (Score 1) 118

I remember when we had computers in the last 80's, the 'radiation' and light from the CRT's would burn your retina's, cause insomnia and the sole contributor to poor eyesight.

All forms of 'solutions' in particular screen covers but also various color lens glasses were for sale, ended up being a fad.

Comment Re:The EU found a solution to this long time ago (Score 2) 274

This is what actually happens in the EU: You buy the stuff in other member states of the EU that don't worry about giving worthless pieces of paper away or that have a waiver from the EU which allows them to just export it to Asia.

This issues surrounding 'cheaper' stuff in other EU states is so prevalent that electronics stores in Western areas are often no longer feasible and many over the last few years, even web shops that had been known for decades for being "cheap", shut down.

Manufacturers don't make anything different for the EU, you really think things are so different there? They get their gear from the same Asian factories as the US does. It's just much more expensive.

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