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Comment Re:scare mongering getting old (Score 1) 77

Put the liability for improper identity verification on the financial institutions and watch the problem get fixed real fast.

I know it's not done because of cost, but identity verification really should be done in-person. You verify their government issued documents, maybe confirm some biometrics and if someone is trying to commit fraud you have them right there for the police to apprehend.

Comment Re:Other way? (Score 1) 245

I have two young male tabbies and they chase each other around the living room, up the stairs to my bedroom and back down again. I bought a couple sets of Kitty City cat furniture and made them an L-shaped tower about eight feet tall. The post in the middle is sisal and they'd chase each other up to the top and sometimes fight to be on certain platforms.

In addition to battling each other, they've also knocked over an end table and lamp, knocked their tower down by jumping from the top, pulled ceramic dishes off of a bookshelf and broken them and pulled my Phillips Hue lamps down from the top of my kitchen cabinets. They've actually been really good about not destroying furniture, but they have a giant scratching post they can both use at once.

When they were kittens they were much crazier, but small enough they couldn't do much damage. They would really go after each other when play fighting, pouncing hard on the other one and then turning into a little ball of fury.

Comment Re:cost of housing (Score 1) 161

Kind of begs the question as to why you want to live in Silicon Valley? You could move to a place with a lot of tech jobs like Chicago, make more money and have a lower cost of living. Yeah, the winters can suck, but it's not bad with the right gear.

I pay $1,100 for a two-level place with 3-bedrooms, high ceilings, skylights, and a covered garage spot. There's plenty of street parking in the neighborhood, I can catch the bus less than a half-block away and it takes me about 30 minutes to get to work.

Comment Re: Let's Face the Facts... (Score 2) 161

I looked at buying a place in one of the western Chicago suburbs a few years ago and the high taxes really surprised me. They were around $6,000 to $7,000 per year, almost double what you'd pay in the city.

I've been renting my place on the south-side of Chicago for almost 10 years and pay $1,100 per month for a nice 3-bedroom place in a two-flat with a high ceiling, skylights and a third-floor addition. I've got a small backyard, a covered garage spot and plenty of street parking.

I thought I wanted my own place, but not after seeing what I'd have to pay for taxes or, God forbid, an HOA.

Comment Don't screw with security policy! (Score 1) 47

I used to work at a place where they started cracking down on what employees were allowed to reach from the office network in an attempt to reduce the bandwidth used for non-work tasks. They were a large national employer, so the Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, Netflix, etc. traffic was significant.

Eventually things got so bad that you couldn't even connect to the Internet using your work laptop at home without first connecting to the corporate VPN. And of course once you were connected to the VPN you still couldn't reach the banned sites/services even though you were at home.

One day some wise-guy in the systems engineering group decides he's tired of the restrictions and sets up a VPN on his home server on a port that could be reached from the office. This works for awhile until he lets enough people in on the secret that someone in network security notices all of those connections to the same remote system that are up all day long; gotta give 'em credit for paying attention. So netsec. traces the connections, figures out which business unit the people involved work for and calls up both their boss and the Director of the business unit to let them know that their people appear to be violating security policy.

The Director had better things to do than deal with this nonsense, so he verbally reprimands the people involved and then makes an announcement to everyone under him to consider this their one warning and that if he hears about anything like this again they'll be terminated on the spot.

Comment Re:Don't use a PPI (Score 1) 102

Or, better yet, find out what's actually causing your stomach to produce excess acid and eliminate it from your diet.

Sometimes the problem is not due to diet, but other things like hiatal hernia, weak lower esophageal sphincter, pressure on mid-section, H, Pylori infection, etc.

I start having problems once I go over a certain body weight, but the symptoms go away when I lose the excess weight.

Comment Use ECC RAM with ZFS! (Score 2) 232

Install ZFS on your Linux box.

If you're going to do this for anything other than experimental purposes, be sure you're using ECC RAM. You probably aren't and your current board most likely doesn't support it, so you'll need to get a new motherboard, possibly a new CPU and new RAM.

ZFS does something no other filesystem you’ll have available to you does: it checksums your data, and it checksums the metadata used by ZFS, and it checksums the checksums. If your data is corrupted in memory before it is written, ZFS will happily write (and checksum) the corrupted data. Additionally, ZFS has no pre-mount consistency checker or tool that can repair filesystem damage. [...] If a non-ECC memory module goes haywire, it can cause irreparable damage to your ZFS pool that can cause complete loss of the storage.

A Complete Guide to FreeNAS Hardware Design, Part I: Purpose and Best Practices

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