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Comment Re:So many theories... so many on the payroll list (Score 2) 90

What you are suffering from is called projection.

You see, you were bullishly aggressive and dismissive with your initial assessment. You assumed the informational and detached format used to refute your reductive argument was designed as a personal attack, and therefor assumed it came from a defensive stance aka 'butt hurt'.

I guess what I'm really saying is that you are the one who is butt hurt.

Comment Re:You know what? (Score 1) 588

Most are simply a product of what has been put in. Education is not equitably distributed in the states. Hard to feel hate a dumb puppy for eating it's own shit.

The assholes training them to vote the way they do are already set for the climate end game, they just want more time to stuff the coffers and diversify before it kicks off.

Comment Re:So "gamification" plus access everywhere? (Score 1) 182

Gamification is about taking a beneficial activity or habit and building a game around it to force a reward cycle, not the opposite as described above. Building an entertainment game and then trying to wedge in real world influences that cost money is called "Pay to Win" and they are inherently less fun than stabbing one's self with a sharp stick.

Comment CHEMICALS!! AAAHH! (Score 5, Informative) 182

Adding a limit for otherwise unregulated chemicals is not increasing pollution. Raising a limit for a chemical that was regulated artificially low (and not based on toxicity) is fine.

The linked talks about benzene a bunch. The proposed lowers the limit for Class III (recreation water) and increases it from 1.18ug/L to 2 ug/L for Class I (Drinking water). EPA limit for drinking water is 5 ug/L, for reference.

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