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Comment Re:Let's be clear on what we mean by election hack (Score 1) 251

I don't know if it actually happened, but there was encouragement by some democratic activists to participate in open GOP primaries to ensure DT was the candidate due to his weakness as a candidate (IIRC, RMV, YMMV). I, personally don't have a problem with that, because open primaries are stupid to begin with.

Comment Let's be clear on what we mean by election hacking (Score 5, Insightful) 251

They sent John Podesta a bogus email, and he clicked the link. Because of that, we now know the entire DNC plotted against Bernie. The only actual "election hacking" that took place is how the democratic party apparatus chose and coronated the only possible person who could lose to Donald Trump (of all people).

But blame Russia.

Comment Re:bitwise math (Score 4, Informative) 615

In .NET, no. About 6 years ago I was tasked with rewriting our base-64 encoder/decoder. We were using MS's built-in encoder and is was too slow to handle a multi-GB inbox (we sold a shrink-wrap email server for ISP's). First I rewrote it in regular math operations, and it was faster, but not fast enough. I rewrote it again using bit-shifting operations and it was an order of magnitude faster. I really had to reach back into my days coding MUD's in C for that. We really take our faster computers for granted, and our code is far from the level of optimization we were once required to achieve.

Comment Re:That's not a "quote" of Engadget's report... (Score 1) 203's the entire contents of the article, minus the ads and with Slashdot's wrapped around it instead. This is copyright theft, pure and simple, and this summary should be deleted and replaced with a much, MUCH more abbreviated version.


C'mon, this is Slashdot. We've been making that clear distinction since 1997.

Comment Re:Yeah, Apple is so happy that Ireland didn't IRE (Score 1) 174

Uh, that's not true. The confederate states declared their successions starting in the November of Lincoln's election, and formed the Confederacy in February. it wasn't until they attacked Fort Sumter in April that the Union responded.

Uh that's not true either. Mine was a simplification to make a point. You're making out like the union sat around doing nothing until the confederates fired a shot. That's not true either.

Actually, yes, it is true. Until the firing of Fort Sumter, Lincoln's strategy was to pretend the articles of secession did not exist. Until his death, his position was that the seceding states had never left the union as a matter of legal fact.

Comment Re:Yeah, Apple is so happy that Ireland didn't IRE (Score 0) 174

I accidentally modded down. Posting to erase. Absolutely insane. Whether you agree with a country's tax schemes, a sovereign nation has the right to decide these issues for themselves. More incomprehensible to me is why any sovereign would agree to such external interference in the first place. The benefits of being in a free-trade zone, no matter how lucrative, are not worth handing your balls over to Brussels. Money should not be worth more than dignity.

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