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Comment Re:Labor shortage in engineering? (Score 1) 477

As an EE making custom silicon, I can say that the job market is very ... mixed.

The biggest problem with the industry, as I see it, is that the jobs are geographically limited. I currently have a job in a state that I love. However, should something happen to this job, I have very limited prospects for a new job in this town. In general, chip design jobs are largely in places that I don't want to live (and generally near huge cities). California, Illinois, and New York? Nope. I wold rather panhandle. Washington/Oregon? Maybe, depends on the area, traffic, cost of living, etc. Texas? Yeah, maybe, but it is pretty hot and humid there. Florida? Yeah, I left there because of the heat, humidity, and hurricanes.

Comment Re: not loyalty (Score 1) 191

Sorry, but I will not shed a tear for you. Most Android devices stop receiving major updates withing a year (if they ever even get an update). The manufacturer is too busy working on the next device to ever patch the old stuff.

This is both the blessing and the curse of Android -- the sheer number of devices. The good is that there is a lot of choice, and the down side is that there is a lot of variability.

An Apple developer can test four or five devices and be pretty sure that their app will work on pretty much all Apple devices, since they are fairly uniform.

An Android developer will find it impossible to do proper quality control. Maybe their app will suddenly crash only on that one model of Asus tablet, and the developer will find it hard to debug unless he goes out and buys that one model.

With that being said, I still prefer Android. I have 128 GB of storage on my phone that cost me $35. If you want an iPhone 7, upgrading to 128 GB from 32 GB will only cost you $100.

Comment Re:"defined as homeless here, mostly sharing homes (Score 1) 504

As long as you have access to a full hook-up, there is nothing really wrong with an RV, depending upon the circumstance. With kids, far from ideal. For one or two people (especially in an area without harsh winters), it can be just fine.

Some of us want to live in an RV once we can retire and get the kids to move out.

Comment Re:Did he mean an unprecedented level of gouging? (Score 2) 214

Well, halfway-decent for $150. My smartphone has a $35 128GB micro-SD card in it with my entire music library, and a big chunk of my movie library in it, with about 40GB to spare. How much would 128GB cost you from Apple?

The sole reason that Apple exists is because some people don't care about price -- it is all about status. That is why nearly every single case for a iPhone has a cut-out in the back so that the Apple logo always shows. Fanboys would hate it if they pulled out their iPhone and nobody noticed the brand.

Number of cases for Android devices that I have seen with a cut-out for the logo? None. Not a single one. Android people just want something affordable that gets the job done.

Comment Re:The human fund (Score 1) 399

You must be one of the lucky ones -- I certainly do not have that option. Geography is a factor. Chip design is rather specialized field, and just the license cost to get into this businesses can run into seven figures. There are not a lot of companies doing what I do in my city, so my choices are limited. If those four or five companies don't need anybody, I am out of luck unless I am willing to relocate.

Comment Re:Says a man or woman (Score 1, Insightful) 436

It is called "supply and demand." If you open up a lemonade shop on the street corner, nobody is obligated to buy your lemonade if you charge $20 for one cup! That is how a free-market works. If you want to buy a computer, you and the seller reach an agreement on what it is worth. If you don't want to pay as much, you just don't buy the damn thing, and have the choice to go shopping elsewhere.

Same thing for labor. If your time isn't worth what Uber wants to pay, don't work there! Fined somebody who thinks that your labor is worth more. If enough people stop working for Uber and they can't find anybody willing to work for what they pay, they will be forced to pay more or go out of business. That is how it works.

If you really want to give rides and make more, you can always drive a taxi.

Comment Re:The human fund (Score 1) 399

Yeah, that sucks. Sorry, but that is called being a contractor. No job security at all. The pay is great until bad the economy shifts, and then contractors are the first out the door. You can bask in the glory of your former fat paycheck while you hunt for more work.

I guess if you are really good and you live in an area with a lot of opportunity (or you don't mind relocating), you can make this work. However, I prefer a bit more job security.

Comment Re:Pay attention. (Score 2, Interesting) 153

This allows the government to hack AN UNLIMITED NUMBER OF COMPUTERS if they have a rubber stampped warrant from a judge who has no understanding of what they are signing.

I would assume that a judge would have some common sense. A warrant might say "All computers own by XXX person" or "all computers at XXX location." I doubt that a judge will sign a warrant for "all computers in Utah."

What is the alternative? "Whoops, we got a warrant to search five computers, but all of the illegal stuff is on computer #6, so we have to let this criminal go?"

Judges had to go through law school -- they are generally not stupid. I bet that most of them even own a computer or two.

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