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Comment Re:I think we're passed the stage (Score 1) 36

Of open source evangelism, just like evangelism for the personal computer became unnecessary within a couple years of the release of MS Windows 3.0. Even CEOs (who previously said "I don't even know how to log in, I have people working for me who do that") and grandmothers got on board at that point.

Even Microsoft is busy trying to figure out how to use open source software as a strategy to attract developers and customers.

It still has to be promoted & nurtured and protected from being co-opted. Fail to do any of those and it won't be long before it's back to being a niche.
Perhaps when an opensource desktop OS reaches macOS usage levels in the advanced Western economies we can relax a bit.

Comment Re:Steal? (Score 1) 57

Indeed, he profited from a loophole in the system, and it's unclear whether this was illegal. The question of legality probably depends on the terms of service for Zerocoin, and on the laws of the country where the "attacker" resides.

But in human societies, when a lone wolf exploits a loophole, the lone wolf's behavior is usually unacceptable. When a group of individuals who possess social status exploit the loophole, their behavior is often acceptable. Isolated individuals with low social status have very few advantages in society. And when they figure out how to gain an advantage, society goes on the offensive against them.

I think we need an AC Insightful mod

Comment Re:Good ol' days (Score 1) 113

Faster hardware is not always a boon. Now we have Java monsters that eat up all the performance of even decent hardware. Easy to learn? Nah, with the myriads of different libraries and paths it is a conceptual mess. And it was supposed to be the cure-all for viruses, but that has not materialized either.

The good Lord gave us C, Bash and the CLI , and we frail humans should not presume to improve on His creation.


Those are tools of the Devil; on the 1st day, the Lord created binary, microcode and logic gates and saw that it was good.

Comment Re:All the more reason to gloat. (Score 1) 400

"America is so awesome it lowers CO2 without even trying"
There was plenty more than just "without even trying"; there was a frackton of fracking going on, which led to deliberate, accidental & inadvertent releases of METHANE, which is a much bigger deal than CO2 in the short term. And let's not leave out the contamination of the water table nor the staggering increase in tremors in some areas.

But don't bother laying your "*Innocent Gaze*" on any of that. The vast majority of people who care about curtailing CO2 emissions also care a whole lot about pollution, too - in the USA and elsewhere. So don't expect them to cut any country any slack for "meeting their Kyoto goals" by exporting their GHG emissions and environmental damage overseas.

Comment Re:Prepare yourself for denialist assault. (Score 1) 400

It's not a problem. It's natural variability.

"Natural" variability is subject to the inputs into the system. If you removed sufficient heat from the system, your natural variability would be a giant ice covering, miles deep, which extended very far south, below where New York City now lies.
As far as we know, a mere 2 degree change in the axial tilt of the Earth over 10s of 1000s of years can cause this to flip one way or the other.

Comment Re:Sea ice vs projections (Score 1, Insightful) 400

IPCC projections are rarely worst case; they're pretty much a consensus of the AGW proponents vs the contrarians although the latter are much fewer in number and have been for 20+ years.
The cooligans & deniers love to point out when the IPCC warming projections are too high but I haven't seen them readily point out that their Arctic sea ice decline is too low. I have heard a lot of noise about how Antarctic sea is has been increasing (slowly), not so much about the accelerating melt of some important Antarctic glaciers nor about the unexpected decline in the salinity of Antarctic Bottom Water.

Comment Re:A damn good reason to learn security best pract (Score 1) 369

"If you cant sort out a buffer overflow then dont call yourself a programmer"
Several decades of severe network exploits show that a huge amount of software, commercial, free, open source, obscure, commonplace, whatever was written by people who can't call themselves programmers and used by those who don't have the 1st clue how to use it securely.

When I first got serious about computing, 2 decades gone, the common wisdom was that we had not choice but to keep on using the old (mostly very insecure) software because so much depended on it, it would be too costly to rewrite in more secure languages and in time it would all get fixed by better programming practices.
We are also only 2 weeks away from the 15th anniversary of Bill Gates' "Security is Job 1" e-mail

If we knew then what we knew now, how much damage would be caused by exploits, what it would cost to fix, remediate, the secrets exposed, the privacy intrusions, would that advice still hold or would we have been better off to say damn the torpedoes and rewrite all of it?

Comment Re:Free (Score 2) 255

"We used to run reports near close and there were some nights where we made 80% of our revenue on porn movies. 75% of that gay porn"
In the 80s, I worked at a magazine chain that also rented movies. Several locations would rent adult films but the revenue champ was the main location downtown that included gay porn. All employees with less than 5 yrs seniority were required to rotate among several locations; the worst part of working downtown was when a customer wanted a refund because of problems with the recording - we weren't allowed to issue a refund without verifying the customer's claims.
I swear some would complain, pardon the pun, just to fuck with us.

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