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Comment Re:megavitamins (Score 1) 86

There are several things that could be problematic if one is so uninformed, or determined to screw up. But, there are many times more treatments that are still surprising in both their dosage and benefits with a lack of adverse side effects.

The right doses with the right molecules is the key concept that naysayers are determined to miss. Any moron can skip the instructions and do something silly/stupid.

Comment Re:megavitamins (Score 1) 86

You look like an intelligent person with some common hearsay opinions contaminating your information base. Because of the structure of how these have been implanted over generations in the medical fields, most PhDs and MDs don't even begin to recognize their problem on accurate megavitamin information. Or where to start with the original scientific and medical papers. ...Very large doses of some vitamins can actually make you very sick or significantly increase your cancer risk Clearly not dealing with preferred forms and regimens of nutrients if that happens. There also is some skill, supervision or basic education missing if that happens. You might look at the old injectable vitamin C papers and the recent failures on vitamin D RDA setting (e.g. 200 iu D2 in 1992 vs 2000-5000 iu in 2017 for saavy arctic living) as a starting point. One clue: When someone speaks to me about "antioxidants" or an indiscriminate vitamin letter rather than the actual molecular entity, their credibility takes a big hit. The particular molecule(s), mixture or regimen can make a huge difference in megadose therapeutic situations.

Comment megavitamins (Score 2) 86

Megavitamins and orthomolecular medicine have a scientific basis that is more targetable than this indicates. Merely they've been under "fake news" attacks since at least the 1960s, when the psychiatric establishment of that time attacked with rigged results. Then the severely iatrogenic oncologists of the 70s and 80s attacked.

Both of these self anointed establishments' actions and statements then, when viewed by today's information, to me look like quacks with criminal intent

Comment EPA-Nixon crony politics (Score 1) 77

Actually pollution was controlled through lawsuits and discovery before Nixon. Nixon pre-empted massive court resolutions to prevent overnight sea changes requiring immediate cleanup and huge damage awards as private monitoring means and public understanding outed criminal polluters.

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