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Comment recap (Score 4, Interesting) 67

I don't think Anonymous went about things the right way but they appear to be right about the problem with BCH. A BCH psychiatrist (usually the bottom of the med school barrel) invoked invasive legal provisions to kidnap a child with a medical condition diagnosed and treated by internal medicine doctors at another Boston hospital. The kid became a multiple cash stream and an injured experimental subject of BCH, as well as hostage. Both Mass and Conn became complicit in the kidnap.

After a year, BCH essentially proved the other drs right by almost killing the kid. The parents and kid were damaged far more than $300,000. The kid's health then had to be restored as best as possible by the parents' previous drs... By a jury, the actual damages would be over a million.

The real issues here involve the state "antiabuse" powers against competent and caring parents, corporate greed and persistent misbehavior (BCH), involuntary experimental subjects, medical corruption, and gunpoint medicine. BCH got off lightly, the favored historical response to kidnapping and torture is death.

Comment mean, median and cautious intelligence (Score 1) 269

Autonomous vehicles probably have to be an order or two safer than the average to represent a comfortable decision for a skilled, conscientious person that is not an engineer (i.e. it has to have some overkill "to be sure"). It has to be both obviously better to overcome doubts and the normal risk of a cautious conscientious drivers.

Remember that both the median risk exposure is a lot different than the high risk drivers who blow up the averages vs someone who has intelligently eliminated risk in their daily profile including dangerous commutes, neighbors and neighborhoods.

Comment Re:Monitoring =/= Rights Infringement (Score 1) 277

The modern application of principle has never been more important, we can easily wind up with a permanent malange of dystopian elements from the modern classics' nightmares. Most of the younger readers here have grown up in an indoctrinated society that they can't even understand the falsities of modern myths.

Comment Re:Monitoring =/= Rights Infringement (Score 1) 277

They're not religious figures, some of us agree more with their logic than you.

Our failures have usually been failures to adhere to principle and earlier law. e.g the Civil War combined both sides' worst factions' legal abuses (expanding slavery's presence and reach, even with bounty hunters going North, and exorbitant tariffs really for private purposes). Also the funny money business has clearly been problematic.

Comment Re:Monitoring =/= Rights Infringement (Score 0, Troll) 277

Conceptually, our government was never designed to have so many government agents or taxes doing these activities on or against the citizens. Our congress, presidents, and courts have greatly perverted the original intent of the Constitution, often under the guise of emergencies and the public good. Now we are near the Skynet moment of total overthrow by a police state.

Comment Re:BCH psch = T4 program (Score 1) 295

Sorry Bryan, the T4 part may be a little hyperbolic but the dangerous and even deadly effects of Corp and State commanded interference is not. They clearly have no allowance for peculiar nutrition issues in psychiatry these days beeyond the most elementary levels. Whether Justina had exactly what is called mitochondrial disease, or one of many problems of malabsorption or metabolism doesn't matter as much. Bottom line is that the patrents had a somewhat data/experience driven, personalized nutrition program for her, no matter what model was assumed.

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