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Comment Re:MS hate (Score 1) 358

I have to agree with the original poster. Usually Microsoft is criticized for taking someone else's work and adding their own proprietary elements (e.g., their own version of Java) which is incompatible with what everyone else is doing. It may not please their developer community, but it may lead to other people willing to develop for their platforms.

Comment Re:Not so (Score 1) 838

I perceive that further discussions will not be fruitful. I disagree with your conclusions, but I wish you the best, and as I end my participation on this topic, I will pray (privately ;) ) that God will give you a love for his Son Jesus Christ and his best for you life. :-)

Comment Re:Not so (Score 1) 838

You must have my response mixed up with someone else's. I don't believe the two passages contradict one another, and I said so. Jesus was not forbidding public prayer-- he was forbidding public prayer for the sake of drawing attention to one's own piety. If Jesus was forbidding public prayer, the Church could not get together to pray corporately, as it clearly did at times in the Book of Acts. I guess we disagree on what prayer is. To me, prayer is communicating with God, whether it is giving thanks, making a request, or confessing sin. In my view, petition is an important form of prayer, but not the only one.

Comment Re:Not so (Score 1) 838

My purpose is not to debate every alleged contradiction in Scripture. My purpose was to reply to the statement that was made earlier, i.e., your implication that there is a contradiction between the passage where Jesus condemns hypocritical prayers offered for the sake of impressing others and other passages where the Church is shown praying publicly.

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