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Comment Re:I use it and appreciate the developer's approac (Score 1) 71

Sadly this is how I feel as well. Trust is a very complicated and difficult problem to solve. I always say, "At least Goober can't access my family photos". But if a powerful nation state wanted to access my hard drive (I use LUKS for full disk encryption and truecrypt 7.1a for containers) I don't feel so good about that. I lead a pretty straight life anyway, but it bothers me that there is no truly trustworthy solution, even if what we have is ultimately secure. How would you know?

Now we have one laptop with Windows 10 and I can't even do full DE with TrueCrypt. So what did we do? Bitlocker (shudders). Goober still can't access it but the government can pretty much just snap their fingers and they will get in. So Bitlocker is a true joke in my opinion and only useful for keep Goober out.

Comment How many people use the latest? (Score 1) 66

With distros maintaining their own kernels and backporting security fixes, how many people/organizations use the latest? Who are these users that anxiously await the latest kernel? Serious question, in all my years of using Linux I very rarely have downloaded the latest kernel and compiled it. I have done it pretty much out of interest only.

Comment Re: Hilarious (Score 2) 185

When it comes to football I disagree. Football is one of the most complex sports there are. You would never know it though because playbooks and even an entire view of the field (known as "All 22" video) has traditionally been kept from fans and viewed as Intellectual Property. They seem to be getting more open with All 22 if you are willing to pay for it, but don't think you have anywhere near the access that teams and the NFL have. That's why they focus on the line of scrimmage. You don't see the game within the game, the routes, the answers to those routes. What you see in the game is such a narrow aspect of it that I would venture to say that almost all but the nerdiest football fans even understands the subtleties of the game. Uncle Fred who hasn't washed his Steelers jersey since they won their last SuperBowl knows pretty much nothing about the game.

Coaches don't just substitute players. A guy like Belichick is a grand master. You wouldn't even be able to hold a good football conversation with him....and neither would I. When he says this shit don't work I tend to believe him, and he will just do fine with the systems he has developed over the years, which goes way beyond player substitutions and arguing with referees.

Comment Re: You gotta fight for your right to (Score 1) 212

I agree with this. I was viewing US content through a Socks5 proxy through a VPS I was renting for other purposes. I am the only person who would be using that proxy and it has been blocked. Really I am fine with it, I just don't have the time or energy to figure out another workaround. Once I have nothing left to watch in my geo area I will just discontinue netflix. Simple as that.

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