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Comment Re: A thought on progress (Score 1) 365

I'd prefer thousands of understood deaths, with someone accountable for them, then dozens of unexplainable deaths and no one accountable for them.

I feel, in my own mind, that I can better my odds when I drive. I can drive better, I can drive a better car, I can drive better times and I can drive better roads. I'm not interested in jumping into a self-driving car, and just hoping for the best.

Comment Re:that would be the opposite of intelligence (Score 1) 70

It's the completely wrong direction. Not only will it not produce the desired results -- see self driving cars that use dozens of super-human powers like radar, and still can't follow an unmarked road, even though every horse, squirrel, and house-fly can with ease -- but it will also degrade comfortable lifestyles by making more work for more people for more time for less money for less satisfaction for less pride.

Comment Re:that would be the opposite of intelligence (Score 1) 70

I used that data back then. I don't use that data any longer. My heuristics were absolutely created out of my experience with the data, certainly. However, my usage of those heuristics continue long after the data is forgotten.

That's the very point. The data is assimilated -- aggregated, summarized, and discarded.

Comment that would be the opposite of intelligence (Score 1) 70

well, yes, the word intelligence means to choose based on comprehension. But this is choosing from data. Having data is very much the opposite of intelligence.

Figuring out how to drive across the city by reading a map, is all that this is doing.

I'm intelligent. I can navigate my way across a city without a map -- even without a compass. I can hike across a wooded area without a trail too. It's getting from here to there without knowing what's in-between; that's intelligence.

This is data.

Case in point: toss it into a time-machine, and bring it back to 1901. Is it usable? Can you use it today in the uncharted jungles of Africa? Or does it depend of billions of dollars of infrastructure to collect all of that data being analyzed?

I think (therefore I am) many have forgotten that intelligent beings are independent of the environment surrounding them -- that's precisely what makes such a being intelligent: rising above the circumstance. Operating within the circumstance ain't intelligence -- no matter how big and complicated you make that circumstance.

Here's another perspective. What's the goal of being intelligent? It is to make things easier the second time. To learn from one circumstance, and to apply it to future encounters of somehow-similar circumstances. That means subsequent scenarios should be faster, require less effort, less memory, less analysis. The more I drive my car, on any streets, the less attentive I need to be on new streets, with new cars, in new weather conditions, with new laws, and new obstacles.

So...does this thing use less memory over time? Fewer resources? Less electricity? Or does it need to be fed, more and more and more and more every day. The former is life. The latter is fire.

Comment A thought on progress (Score 2) 365

"As long as they are better at driving and safety than humans, it is a progress, in my opinion."

I'm not convinced. Right now, when people die in car crashes, and I can blame a human driver for something, then it's totally understandable. When humans die by the hands of other humans, and especially through the errors of other humans, that's just a reality that I can comprehend and accept.

But when a self-driving car is ultimately responsible for killing a human, that's a different thing entirely. That's a lot closer to just humans-get-killed-at-random scenario. That's not something that I can accept.

It's actually even worse than that. It's like a neighbourhood pet dog kills a neighbour. If your typically-well-behaved-and-friendly boxer suddenly kills your neighbour's teenager one day, what happens? Look, your dog killed one neighbour over the course of thirty years of you owning dogs. Most wild animals are far more dangerous than that. But I think we all know what happens. I think your dog is dead pretty quickly -- even if that teenager provoked your dog; even if it was a lot; even if your dog was defending its own life.

I accept, today, that millions of humans driving millions of cars on millions of roads, kills thousands of people every year. I'm not happy about it, but I accept it as a part of humans being free to not be perfect. But I don't think that I'd be accepting of millions of self-driving cars on millions of roads, killing dozens of people every year.

Comment So many fallacies (Score 1) 454

So, russians can't hack anything to make me president. So the most that they can do is cause Trump to win, or cause Hilary to win.

Given that, right now, without knowing what voters will do, both hilary and trump are legitimate and viable options, then allowing russia to pick between two already-vetted contenders ain't sooooo bad. You've got plenty of checks and balances to cover anything.

Of course, if you're saying that one of the contenders is horrible for the country, then shouldn't they a) have not made it to the final round; and b) be an obvious scratch at this point?

Seems like a dumb system -- but the best reality television has to offer.

Comment Re:understanding quantity (Score 1) 348

This is where my understanding ends. With microchips, at least. I'd believe that given such a reference chip, anyone with electrical knowledge would immediately see the albeit-basic potential. For me, I'm in the world of business procedures and computer-programming protocols. In my world, teaching others isn't about documenting a programming language. It's about showcasing relationships between "nodes" -- doesn't matter if they are arrays, humans, or widgets. Communication paths are exactly that, no matter what industry they govern. So, for me, a reference object would be little more than a sequence of boxes. First you send A, then you get B, then you send C, then you get D. That would be sufficient for a future me, or a past me, to understand that there's a relationship from A to B, based on what's inside the box. With enough boxes, I'd eventually understand the protocol details.

Comment Re:Since when... (Score 1) 198

I don't have my tax receipts anymore. I'm obligated by law to keep them for 7 years.

So the law that you want is very simply for the court to prove that you do indeed have it, and that you were obligated to keep it. So, here's the simple law: you are responsible for keeping your phone's crypt key safe and accessible, and be able to produce it within 24 hours of an order -- you know, just like my drivers' licence.

So, then a judge demands it -- presumably for reasonable reasons -- and you must produce it. You don't, it's a felony, fine and imprisonment.

Just like feeding my children, keeping my licence, mowing my front lawn, keeping my belt from getting too loose.

Oops my best wasn't tight enough is still indecent exposure.

Comment Re:understanding quantity (Score 1) 348

two english words -- but I guess I made it up. It doesn't need to have moving parts to be showcased. Call it "visual documentation" if you like. Or "functional documentation". The point is, if it's engineering, then it's "written" in engineering. If it's the greatest source for blue paint ever, then it's easy to have a painting of a jellyfish oozing blue paint onto a sandy beach -- painted with that very blue paint.

That is, of course, an effort -- to figure out what to depict -- but that's communication beyond 140 characters. Call it a three-dimensional drawing, a semi-functional model, big enough and transparent enough to see thoroughly.

So, a microchip, made as big as a house, is very easy to understand, given a knowledge of electricity -- which is a different reference altogether. But seeing a huge microchip, is enough to understand how to chain together logic gates, let's say, and knowing that it's been magnified means that everyone will understand that it can be shrunk.

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