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Comment Re:ethics/governance contact (Score 4, Informative) 102

Have you ever actually tried to USE one of the ethics hotlines?

I did once. About a year after ethics training. The hotline had been disconnected and no longer existed. It no longer appeared in the company directory. I figured the training and hotline were setup as part of a court settlement and that once the terms had been fulfilled, it was all dismantled.

Comment Re:Clinton_body_count++ (Score 1) 706

How is it a secret if it gets posted over and over?

A bunch of basement-dwellers posting conspiracy theories is nothing. Out of those dozens of murders on those lists, surely one indictment would come out of them unless the lists, and those who believe in them, are morons, yes? Oh, that's right. I forgot that the Clintons have gotten to all law enforcement agencies in the country, because they just love them liberals. Moron.

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