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Comment Re:And I'll never read TFS (Score 1) 232

Well, that is what they want. If you are unwilling to look at the ads, they are unwilling to give you the content. Seems like a win-win.

Or do you think you are somehow entitled to see their content?

If not showing the content is a good idea or not is besides the point. They think it is and it is their content.

Comment Re:Rubber Stamp (Score 1) 94

It is nice to know who took the cookies from the cookie jar as long as there are consequences. If there are not, it means nothing.
In fact it means more than nothing, because is uses resources that are not needed.
It is as if the NSAA or CIA are asked "Do you do illegal things" and they go "Yeah, we do. LOL" and then nothing happens.

It is nice for administration and stats, just like the numbering of Jews during WWII (Yep, going full Godwin here). It is absolutely meaningless and even will give people some idea that what they do is morally correct and justified. (Not using the word legal here.)

Comment Re:Second that (Score 2) 477

People who do not ask correctly can be pointed to here
Often it is that they have no idea WHAT to ask. That can be solved by the above. It will show people who are willing to answer that the person asking has put some time and effort into it. Even saying "I looked for 'ABC + DEF' and found nothing" will show that it is not just somebody that is just somebody who wants the easy way out.

On part of the people who reply, I believe it is due to a lack of people who are active on forums. It is the same small group who replies and they will have seen all the standard questions 50 times at least and are tired of it.
Also what happens with me is that if I get an answer, I have no incentive to return to the forum, so I don't. That means that I won't give any answers, even if I would have them.

With Usenet I would have subscribed to the Newsgroup and I would have to unsubscribe from the group. Most likely I will stay subscribed for at least a day and read a bit. I might also read other things that come in. And perhaps I will then contribute to the general knowledge.
Not so with forums that I need to open and then try to follow what went on. I have tried, but it is just too messy to try to follow websites when comparing to Usenet.

And concerning the 'works for me' crowd. It becomes even harder when you have three parties involved. I had an issue with displaying Windowmaker correctly with the NVidea drover and running X. Each of them said it was not them and to ask the next guy.

Similar frustrations happened when I did bug reporting. Either no follow up or "It works here, please give more details." When you gave details, the answer was "It works here, try the latest version" Next a silence and "Please try the newest version, but install 25GB of extra software that will break your machine. And if you don't want to, there clearly is unwillingness on your side." So, yeah, I am not doing that anymore.

Comment Re:Ban temporary lifted for the wrong reasons (Score 1) 476

No, you should not feel sorry about the companies. Nor should you feel sorry about all the people affected. What you should feel sorry about is the fact that a decision was taken without thinking things through. Not even talking if the decision was right or wrong.

If you take such a decision and it can be withdrawn within a week, it means to me that you have no clue what you are doing.

If your CEO asks you to block a server and you know it is the web server and you explain that you can't just shut it down and he STILL insists to shut it down, you have an idiot as CEO.

Comment Re:Microsoft is already great. (Score 1) 437

A green card is a non-expiring, permanent resident work permit. It confers a right to permanent residency within the U.S., and provides a path to citizenship.

Is there a specific reason as to why the citizenship part is important? The reason I ask is that I have seen it several times and I do not see it as an essential part as a European.
My parents and sister have 4 different nationalities and we live in 3 different countries and non in the country that is our nationality.
My sisters kids are not even born in the country of their nationality as they took the nationality of the mother and not the father. (Parents are still happy together) and don't even speak the language of their nationality.

We all pay the same taxes as others in the country we live in. We have the same rights as others have. To become a national of the country I live in now I would have to take a lot of time and a lot of effort for basically replacing my passport and ID.

That is just me. Others will want, for various reason, get the nationality of the country they live in. However I would never assume that somebody who gets official papers to stay in the country is a way to get the nationality (although technically correct).

For those wondering: I do not care about my official nationality. It is a piece of paper, nothing more, nothing less. If you have 4 nationalities inside your direct family, being proud of that becomes a bit silly.

Comment Re: Reddit = a bunch of cowardly idiots. (Score 1) 899

Trump won, because people voted against something. Do not confuse that with voting for something.

If you have the choice of having you left or right pinky cut of in a 'insurance settlement', it does not mean you wanted it cut of. It just means you did not wanted to cut off the other one even less.

Comment Re:Doxing (Score 1) 899

And before you call me a bleeding heart liberal, I'm retired usmc with 23 years and 3 combat deployments.

And that means you can't be a bleeding heart liberal because ...
It sound like you are saying "You can't call me a Republican, because I like pizza." To me the two are not in any way interchangeable.
And if they are and there are no people that are liberals with combat experience, there will be a serious issue, worse than refusing homosexuals into combat situations.

Comment Re:LOL (Score 1) 899

But people self-label and

No "and" If I label myself a Neo-Nazi, I do not get to say that this was a self-label and what I mean with it is 'person who likes beer'.
I am sick of people taking a word and just decide suddenly it means something else.
It is not "alternative truth". It is "lies and bullshit". Your gender is NOT "Apache Helicopter" or "Mayonnaise".

So if you call yourself Alt-Right and then decide it does not mean what you thought it means, you call yourself something else. Otherwise you are Alt-Right and that means White Nationalist.
Again: if you do not like that label, don't use it and make up one of your own that does not yet exist.

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