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Comment Re:More condoms less climate change (Score 1, Troll) 175

I am sick and tired of climate change being mentioned in every story with no evidence to back it up?

To me the solution to most problems is simple ... Less people!

What about the fact that species die out all the time? Like before we were here? Actually, some of them dying out are the reason we are here now! It happens. It will happen to us. It will suck when it is our turn, but it will still happen.

Comment Re:Great way to kill the competition by making it. (Score 2) 305

... if the clause was presented in such as way as to be considered part of a binding contract agreed to when I purchased the car, ...

Apparently you are not "purchasing" the car but licensing it. And this is happening more and more, like the sealed boxes in tractors preventing third party repairs. And it is a deal breaker for me.

And I worry that this might be the future of Economy. Deplorable as Communism. Here's to the old times, when you were able to actually own something you purchased.

Frankly, right now I am considering restoring a used car over purchasing a new one. The cost will be more, but I think I will have a better car.

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