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Comment Wikileaks is purely insane (Score -1) 211

I get dumping documents from government agencies. Though, their motives are a bit bizarre at times. Disclosing hundreds of thousands of addresses of private citizens? What does that help? When will Wikipedia disclose those types of details on everyone within Wikipedia? Oh that is right, Wikipedia believes they can be opaque in operation, not transparent like they expect everyone else to be.

Comment Quick, not fast (Score 2, Insightful) 247

These stupid articles always bring up hyper car speeds. The tesla is stupid quick to 60mph, but once you get to 60mph it fades quite fast. Over 60 and it will be clowned by anything. Additionally comparing it to cars that can run endless laps on a track is pointless. But continue on with the Musk dick sucking

Comment Re:Xcode is superior, go away (Score 2, Interesting) 133

XCode is just buggy as all get out though. It has progressively gotten less stable. The IDE is fantastic, but it has so many issues. Doing Swift 2.3 it is pointing out Swift 3.0 "errors." Functionality just doesn't work (downloading provisioning profiles via Settings). They haven't been maintaining it quality wise as it once was.

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