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Comment Re:It's time for an Android alternative (Score 1) 66

I knew nothing about Android until I bought a tablet last week. I was hugely unimpressed with the level of blatant surveillance, and started looking for an alternative.

I don't know enough about it yet to tell you for sure, but I think Cyanogenmod might be just the fork you're looking for.

Comment Re:How nice of Facebook! (Score 1) 96

LOL. If you're trying to compare Slashdot to Facebook as a communication venue, I've got a great bridge for sale in Brooklyn...I've no doubt you'll be interested in forking over the mere $300,000 cash for this valuable asset, or perhaps the deed to your house.

And governments have already acted against Facebook, and it has toed the line. Canada's Privacy Commissioner demanded changes in its practices, and got them. India has banned parts of it outright. Facebook has also changed some of its practices due to pressure from various European governments. So lol, many reasonable governments have already acted against Facebook, and been obeyed.

Comment How nice of Facebook! (Score 3, Interesting) 96

Facebook's "apology" is nothing but a cynical attempt to stem public anger...the kind of anger that might cause governments to act against it.

Until an aggrieved party can access an appeal process in a reasonable time and get ridiculous situations like this taken care of promptly, Facebook remains an irresponsible gate-keeper, and its apology remains a fraud.

We'll leave for another day the fact that Facebook is inflicting its prissy, Puritanical standards on the rest of the world. And no, the argument that "you can always stop using it" doesn't apply. It has occupied its niche in the internet's ecology completely, leaving no reasonable alternative. Practically speaking, it is a monopoly.

Comment Re:how tear/cut proof are these things (Score 1) 550

Not anymore. But during the relevant period, I didn't feel the need to be in touch 24-7. A quick step outside after an hour would be adequate to touch base with the babysitter, if I felt it was necessary. And amazingly, they've turned out just fine. Kids to be proud of.

My friends have similar experiences. Not even one of the many offspring still need daddy to wipe their bottoms for them...contrary to what's happening with so many of today's helicopter parents.

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