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Comment Re: The I in IDE makes them all suck (Score 1) 42

So basically it is a network connection required version of what javadoc does in various editors...

So. What does a network based API do that a local copy doesn't do? Especially if that local copy can be updated and include the docs for your own stuff?

Of course, the fact that Microsoft and Redhat are working together on this is cool too....

Comment Re:Give Out an Official Recording (Score 4, Informative) 550

This day and age? Hell, the Grateful Dead did it for DECADES ... and yet, they always seemed to sell tickets to the next show.

Why, you can even go and download high bitrate MP3s of shows, often recorded directly from the sound board. Here ya go - only 11000 recordings...

Comment Re:Hubris (Score 2) 42

As both a buyer and seller I think gunbroker's auction system is much better than ebays. Just the 15 minute rule alone (any bids in the last 15 minutes sets the clock back to 15 minutes) turns a GB auction into an actual auction as opposed to a sealed envelope bid that closes at a specific time. Cheaper rates, no forced payment methods, etc. are all great for sellers as well.

Comment Re:Strange (Score 1) 491

Well, there is that.

But if your test of support is "boot livecd or similar image off usb flash drive adn see if it all works" then it would appear to work. Only when you go to actually modify/delete/create partitions on the hard drive is when this particular nastiness seemed to show up... and while you may find an understanding blue shirt that will let you boot with unknown media as a pre-purchase test good luck finding one that will let you actually install before you buy.

Comment Re:Won't work. (Score 1) 194

Well, with name based virtual hosts you certainly need some sort of name to send the request to, whether provided by DNS or /etc/hosts or whatever.

And yes, running your own DNS is trivial. IF your provider isn't blocking requests out that aren't headed to their own servers, much like smtp and port 25....

Comment Re:That means...... (Score 1) 146

Well, to be fair, to the other 7 billion people on this planet *you* are "the other guy". Why shouldn't the presence of possibly billions of billions of alien life change that?

Besides - this just means there might be some sort of giant super mirror out there. Cool either because, well, aliens right? But I would imagine also that the astrophysics folks would get some serious geek out moments from it...

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