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Comment Re:I wish they would... (Score 1) 70

This depends on the course delivery system, and how much your instructor both knows how to use the system and its quirks and how much your instructor cares about doing a decent job.

The platform I use (Canvas) is pretty good about a lot of stuff, but instead of entering possible answers that are an exact match of what a student might type in (for questions like "On a machine running Debian Jessie what command would you use to display the routing table?") and having to hunt down each occurrence of the question across 40 exams and check to be sure the student didn't "out think me", I simply don't enter ANY correct answers, and the system marks it as "needs grading" which lets me get to it with a single click on each exam.

Comment Re:Why is this different from traditional classes? (Score 1) 70

Yup. The key that our accreditation body (SACS) looked for when we did a substantiative change review to start offering online courses back in '98 was "equivalence". Did an online ENC101 course give the same experience, etc. as a F2F one? Did a student who took ENC101 online do just as well in the next course down the road compared to one who took it face to face?

Of course my sarcastic comment about it all is "of course, they all suck equally".

Comment Re:It's always someone elses fault (Score 1) 640

Yup. There is a reason that I wasn't allowed to drive Dad's 911 while a teenager and unsupervised. And yes, the first time I drove it I discovered scary fast acceleration - gave a little gas to get over a speed bump at "almost not moving" speed and let the clutch up, a moment later I'm at 35 and could have still been accelerating.

And that was in a car that is considered fairly sedate

Comment Re:The popularity of open offices has exacerbated (Score 2) 290

Not only are our half height cube walls WAY more expensive than stick and drywall ($1200 per wall, 4 per cube 8 cubes in our area) but we have no privacy. The big issue with a lack of privacy is that 3 of us work with instructors and discuss student grades, etc. Which leads to possible FERPA violations - our dept. secretary and work study students have no business hearing me talk about a students grades with an instructor. And, since I am an adjunct instructor as well as a admin/professional employee, I discuss my students grades with them - and NO ONE else in my department has the right to hear any of it.

Did the facilties folk or my boss listen? Nope...

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