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Comment Re:If your personal emails are released... (Score 1) 102

That is actually very different. The quote means when you have only six lines (written by the hand of a man so to prove its authenticity) a skilled manipulator can interpret them in so many ways as to find a way in which to hang him. The key is six lines -- less than that would be too little to work with, and *more than that would destroy the ambiguity*. With 1000s and 1000s of lines by Podesta and others there was very little doubt what they meant and did. (None of which was terribly spectacular or unexpected though, just a confirmation what everyone thought anyway.)

That said maybe Cardinal Richelieu can be called as the character witness for these journalists...

Comment Re:If your personal emails are released... (Score 2, Insightful) 102

I never made that argument. Privacy should be protected. What I'm saying is *if* you are a journalist, and *if* you get hacked, and *if* those emails reveal unethical journalistic behavior, don't expect any sympathy from the public. And on the contrary, if anything like you listed is revealed, we will be on your side, because we hate the weak being hit, even if you were a little bit unprofessional.

I'm saying that because this warning appears to preemptively control damage to the reputations of journos who probably know their emails would reveal they have been unethical but they thought it was OK because they were fighting for the "just cause".

Comment Re:If your personal emails are released... (Score 1) 102

It's hard to imagine that case but if they do I'm assuming 1) the public will notice emails are missing which undermines the credibility of the release, and 2) the hackee can release those emails themselves to prove their innocence, which would make hackers look like clowns.

Comment If your personal emails are released... (Score 4, Insightful) 102

... and there's nothing unprofessional in them, the more embarrassing some personal stuff may be the more sympathy you'll get from the public and against the hackers.

On the other hand if the emails reveal unethical behavior, collusion with one party or one particular candidate of the party that goes against the journalistic integrity, then what I can tell you. Be a better professional.

Comment Re:I don't see the problem. (Score 1) 660

Somebody on /. mentioned the proposal is in the works to instead of lottery simply sort the H-1B applicants by salary. Hiring a $40K wage slave? Back of the line. A $200K PhD genius? Front of the line. The brilliance of it is forces the companies to compete, driving H-1B wages up for top talent. For everyone else, if you need to gamble on $100K for your H-1B who may not get in the 50,000 limit or you pay $90K to hire locally, then the choice is clear.

Btw for people who say there's no local talent -- I imagine there often is, you may only need to poach them from someone else. That creates a vacuum for the poachee to hire someone else and so on, so the lowest in the rung get entry level positions. This would probably slow progress down but would bring more social stability.

Now we only need to fix that the top talent isn't going to advertising companies but to those who are making useful stuff.

Comment The only antivirus needed is MS Defender (Score 2, Insightful) 54

Hence Kaspersky's attempt to make money on something else. The fact that they chose such unproductive and unnecessary activity is a bit worrying. Was there nothing else they could have applied their talent on? Is that the sign that the productivity has run out of room to grow?

Comment The Romans didn't do mathematics (Score 4, Interesting) 229

... since they didn't have the numbers for it. Still their aqueducts lasted centuries and millennia. Nassim Taleb says a side effects mathematics is to optimize and cut corners, making things fragile. He also quoted a science historian that before the 13th century no more than five persons in Europe knew how to perform a division. But their architects made all those cathedrals that are more or less still standing. (They apparently didn't know geometry either: a triangle was visualized as the head of a horse.)

Not saying don't use mathematics, that would be insane, just listing counterexamples to the claim that life is best lived with mathematics. Any boxing in becomes counterproductive at some level.

Comment Re:Did they fire that snotty kid (Score 1) 37

I assumed it was, and still couldn't imagine much of a difference re what it ultimately brings to the table.

One of the biggest issue was not having a body. That's a very unnatural experience. Even in dreams you mostly have a body. So I did a search for body in vr and found this --

I'd definitely try that. Still even with that in mind the idea of overwhelming benefits continue to escape me. Hope I'm wrong.

Comment Re:Did they fire that snotty kid (Score 1) 37

VR has no overwhelming benefits that justify the radically different physical behavior to use it, in my opinion. They say it only needs a killer app, but I think any platform that needed a killer app has never found one. Killer app is what drives the design of the platform.

I tried Gear VR, it was unforgettable, like I was in someone else's dream, and it wasn't pleasant. And I was big on VR in the 90s. If there is a killer app for VR, it's scifi stories, but you don't need hardware for it.

Comment Re:He's certainly *different* in many ways (Score 4, Insightful) 1560

> He probably should have ignored Meryl Streep, for example.

I imagine he fought Meryl Streep because she was given so much prime time. There were many others who said a lot worse about Trump but who were not prominent. In a way he was battling the media, not the actress.

Fighting the media has been working for Trump so far, unbelievable as it may have seemed to us.

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