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Comment Re:Mental illness (Score 1) 396

> If something is understandable, it is justified by definition (IMHO).

Entirely and completely wrong. Understanding why things happen do not give those things justification.

> Now, if you're like me, rioting is not a solution for anything. It doesn't solve any problem, it doesn't bring the kind of attention that can solve problems. Rioting is simply a temper tantrum, and I refuse to give power to people having tantrums. Period

I'm not saying you should. I'm saying it helps more to understand why the riots occurred in the first place in order to prevent them from happening again. Not always, but usually, riots are not isolated events, but are the results of an accumulation of issues and problems. Yes, people are angry, and that anger led them to riot. So understanding why they were angry in the first place is a good thing.

Comment Re:Mental illness (Score 1) 396

Are you sure you're not confusing the word "justifiable" with "understandable"? This is a very common thing to do.

For this UCLA incident, I'm not sure many people would say it's either one, but riots are a different story.

Political/socioeconomic-related riots are rarely a measure of first resort. We only think this way, because the riot itself is what makes the big headlines. But riots are usually triggered in a society that already have problems, and a singular event ended up being the one that broke the camels back which triggered the riots.

Is the violence justifiable in these riots? Is it acceptable to smash and loot local businesses because of a grievance with police or politicians? No. But it's certainly understandable that these things can happen.

Comment I dunno (Score 1) 982

I bought Windows 10 to go along with my new gaming PC. It takes a bit of effort to turn off all this data collecting but it's doable.

I can't say if performance is better or not, as this was installed on a brand new PC with SSD drive and 32gb of ram and my Windows 7 is a lenovo laptop without SSDs and only 8gb of ram.

But I can say that I don't see a huge amount of difference between 7 and 10 and if you're happy with 7 then the only reason to upgrade is when MS stops supporting 7 altogether.

Comment Re:Dealing with steadily rising wages? (Score 1) 166

Average incomes are falling. Surely this will lead to unwanted deflation since supply will exceed demand, forcing companies to lower prices to encourage more consumerism, but losing profits as a result, which will result in labor cuts, which will continue to decrease demand.

I'm not sure how sustainability comes into play here...

Comment Re: How about replacing the CEO with a machine (Score 1) 921

> The middle class CAN afford it. If they can afford gigantic McMansions and $100K BMWs and Teslas, they can afford more taxes.

how much of that is enabled by risky lending?

> I'm all in favor of decreasing the burden on the former, and increasing it on the latter.

ok then we more or less agree, and we're arguing semantics or brackets or something that's somewhat inconsequential. In general, the richer you are, the more in taxes you can afford to pay without compromising your life style. Those taxes should be taken to fund things like universal basic income, universal health care, subsidizing public transit, and to an extent post-secondary education.

I'm personally of the opinion that socialism works well as an investment, not as a charity. UBI appears to me to be a good investment, not a charity. The problems people think it will cause, already exist today anyways. UBI will neither solve or increase those problems.

Comment Re: How about replacing the CEO with a machine (Score 1) 921

> If you have a decent middle-class job, most likely that extra UBI will be offset by the increased taxes that are taken out of your paycheck to pay for it,

Then tax the people who can afford to pay it instead of constantly putting the burden on the middle class. Oh, your politicians won't do that? then that's your real problem and that's the problem you focus on fixing.

America is not poor. Far from it in fact. The top earners can easily afford to pay more in taxes. Money that will eventually end up in their pockets anyways from higher levels of spending.

Comment Re: How about replacing the CEO with a machine (Score 1) 921

if you're suggesting I should cut costs in order to live more comfortably on solely basic income, then you're missing my point entirely.

Basic Income would put more money in my pocket, which will be incentive for me to spend more, not to work less. This is a gain for capitalism, not a loss.

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