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Comment Re:and they paved the way for spotify (Score 1, Interesting) 143

This isn't even a fair comparison. For every track sold on iTunes, the "label" (by label, it could apply to an actual label, or the artist themselves if they self published) gets $.70. For every track played on spotify, the "label" gets $.0017. Buying through iTunes is vastly more beneficial to content producers.

Comment Re:Automation and unemployment (Score 1) 602

Robotic factories don't exist in a vacuum. They need to buy boxes to package the product, drivers and railcars to ship things to customers. Not to mention the short term employment to build the factories. Even a fully automated factory will need at least 15 full time employees to maintain the factory. That's not including the part time security and cleaning staff. That's a minimum of 50 jobs that didn't exist before, and for the Apple factory would probably be closer to 200.

Comment Re:How is it even possible to innovate these days? (Score 2, Informative) 286

A patent is, by definition, not secret. The fundamental requirement for getting a patent is disclosure of the invention.

Who is the genius who modded you informative?

Invention Secrecy Act allows the patent office to classify defense-relatd patents secret:

Comment Re:The big difference here is (Score 1) 679

The money he spends on Charity work is less than the interest he makes on his fortunes. Its hard for me to find it impressive.

That's how sustainable foundations work. You donate portions of your interest and grow your principal so that you can do so again the next year, and the year after that, and the year after that.. theoretically into perpetuity and at least long after the founder is dead.

Comment Re:It's the business model (Score 4, Insightful) 192

Nothing requires you to update your 3gs to iOS5 - but you can if you want to. As opposed to an update not being available at all... Aside from providing an upgrade path, is Apple also suppose to hold back features that highlight their new models in an effort to prevent performance issues in older models?

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