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Comment Re:Why does Shockwave exist? (Score 2) 58

Shockwave was a brand that macromedia had. It was used to describe the web viewers and players they had for all their software. There was Shockwave Flash (SWF ring a bell?), Shockwave Director, and Shockwave Freehand. The branding was understandably confusing and they simplified it later to just Shockwave player (the browser plugin to view content created in Director) and Flash player (the browser plugin to view content created in Flash). The Freehand plugin died quickly; it was replaced with the ability to export Freehand documents to SWF (flash) directly.

Comment Re:The problem with these meters (Score 1) 148

I think you misunderstand how sophisticated dictionary attacks are these days. Your suggestions would only protect against the most naive of dictionary attacks. Modern dictionary attacks include misspelled words, common character substitutions, numbers, and repeated characters (among many other forms of modification).

The problem with remembering passwords isn't that one password is hard to remember, it's that 10 (or hundreds) are hard to remember. Different applications have different complexity requirements and, shockingly, some have complexity maximums (for example, password length limits or banned characters).

Comment Re:The problem with these meters (Score 1) 148

I contest that it is easy to remember, easy to type, and safe.

* Your proposed password is not safe because it is vulnerable to a dictionary attack. Modern dictionary attacks use common substitutions like these.
* It is not easy to remember because you need to remember the substitution pattern you used
* It is not easy to type because no one ever types those words except in this password.

'mets rule yankees drool because I grew up watching the mets with my dad and we had a lot of fun' would be safer, easy to type, but still hard to remember, which is my point.

Comment This is legit (Score 1) 272

Watch the original video: At the end there's a link to, where the new movie shows front and center. The wikipedia page for the new film,, credits Patrick Jean. Looks like Columbia Pictures purchase the rights to the original film. Worst case, Columbia Pictures can be seen as jerks for taking content off the internet that people want to see. It's totally legal, however.

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