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Comment Re:Most people believe that they are above average (Score 1) 345

yes those peasants produced and had wealth confiscated from them, for example for wars of expansion of territory or for grudges. My example was great, it's a long term sustainable model of a few elite having their foot on the necks of the majority.

Comment Re:I think its time we hack space travel. (Score 1) 272

Project Orion is a risky in practice, no one is going to build a craft like that with a hold containing thousands of nukes and where a misfire in the wrong time or place of any of those thousands means death for all crew. Fission fragment propulsion reactors can do the exact same job more safely, though of course if such a thing ever made reality it will be loaded with patented and proprietary tech and materials requiring the resources of many multi-billion dollar corporations to make. We're going to the stars, if we go at all, on intellectual property laws and with mega-corporate interests, get over it.

Comment Re:I think its time we hack space travel. (Score 1) 272

there is no apollo era tech that will get you to another star. Any starship need to use whatever is the latest and best at time of building beginning the journey, anything else would cripple the mission.

For example, fabbing own rad resistant computer chips that have the computational capability for dealing with interstellar navigation and propulsion at a significant fraction (say 5% or more) of lightspeed, that's a multi-billion dollar corporations playing field,

The propulsion will need to be novel, the best we could do at present would be something like a fission fragment engine (basically reactor spewing bits of its fuel). Something like that when invented will be chock full of patented things. Ditto any working fusion reactor which we of course don't have, full of patented things.

So will the life support systems (which don't exist yet), nothing in 1960s will be up to the task.

That's to say nothing of the materials used, which also probably will be patented

Comment Re:I think its time we hack space travel. (Score 1) 272

I'm having a very hard time seeing how a spacecraft could NOT contain an immense amount of patented tech. I don't think it's possible to make a patent-free spacecraft.

Any craft that can reach a star system 39 light years away in a reasonable amount of time is also a fearsome weapon.

Comment Re:Dump H1B (Score 1) 161

you could say the same of most of the comforts of life including the internet and personal computers and smart phones...just conveniences we don't need in the absolute sense.

economy is made of many such things. since I'm old I know most of what we have isn't "necessary". I spent more than half my life without cell phone, electronic ignition and fuel injection, microwave oven, etc.......but man am I glad for such things and if you want to take them from me I'll fight you 8D

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