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Comment Re:So where's that smug Linux dude? (Score 3, Informative) 164

I wonder what he'd have to say to Chris Evans.

That this is a bit disingenuous: the statement "GStreamer, a media framework that by default ships with many mainstream Linux distributions" is true, but the mentioned exploit does not requires just GStreamer, but a plugin from the "Bad" set, which is usually not installed by default in Linux distros.

Comment Re: Castro dead (Score 1) 279

I have to point out that if your awesome alternative to capitalism specifically requires trade with the US in order to succeed, it's reasonable to wonder if you really have an awesome alternative to capitalism.

There are two problems with this.

The first one is that the implementation of a given idea can only work under certain circumstances, there is no absolute in this world. In this case the circumstances were against Cuba, since its biggest neighbour was openly hostile against them and that is a detrimental situation no matter what economic system you use. It is a situation similar to that of Ukraine and Russia, even though Ukraine is much bigger than Cuba and Russia is a smaller economy than the USA.

The second problem is that it wasn't just for the US: the US embargo was meant to hinder any economic relation of Cuba, through retaliation against every subject (nation, company, individual) having business with Cuba. Basically, of all their closest neighbours, Cubans had relations only with Venezuela.

Comment Re: Castro dead (Score 4, Informative) 279

Batista's Cuba was famous for literacy and doctors per capita, compared to the rest of Latin America, so Castro's improvements were pretty small

Life expectancy in Batista's Cuba was far lower than in the USA at the time, in Castro's Cuba it is higher. Literacy in Batista's Cuba was estimated between 60% and 76% (because there is no data for the neglect countryside), taking the highest esteem it was the fourth highest in Latin America at the time, today it is 99.7% according to Unesco data, highest in Latin America.
Try harder.

Comment Re: Castro dead (Score 4, Informative) 279

If a war torn banana republic is beating you that badly on growth, there is something seriously wrong with your economic policy.

Let me guess... an embargo?
That aside get your statistics right: Cuba GDP per capita is up 250% since 1970 and Honduras GDP per capita is up 230% in the same period and still half of the Cuban GDP per capita, life expectancy in Honduras is 73 years, in Cuba 79 (higher than USA by the way). Sen. Joseph McCarthy legacy still lives on.

Comment Re:You would think science could help (Score 1) 275

Climate does change...over very very long periods of time. right now it's changing over very very short periods do directly to our actions.

I think this is just the direct result of smoothing/filtering past data. There is not evidence that past climate changed slowly and steadily, on the contrary there are studies that shows that climate can change swiftly. I remember to have seen in the '90s, so before all the mainstream fuss about climate change, a study about beetles found in peat bogs, that suggested that different beetles species alternate with other beetle species (that dwell in different climates) in short spans of times, a few decades.

From my point of view, I look at all these quasi-linear climate models very suspiciously.

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