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Comment Re:Comforting? (Score 2) 79

You do realize that if Apple is selling it directly, then it is defacto "Apple Approved" whether they explicitly say so or not.

The whole point of buying something directly from Apple, is that an average consumer has the reasonable expectation that Apple specifically vetted the device in questions as being fit for purpose against Apple-made hardware.

Comment Re:Most of the web really sucks (Score 1) 325

The problem isn't the raw bandwidth, it's the time involved. How many web servers are configured to kill off a connection that's lasted longer than, say, 30 seconds? Additionally, slow connections also tend to be a lot more unreliable.

Remember dial-up modems? You were one phone pickup away from having your data connection scrambled. Obviously that's not an issue anymore, but dropouts or whatever are still entirely possible.

So what happens if your connections gets hosed? Using your example, You can choose between having 1 or 2 out of 6 images completely loaded, and 0 images completely loaded. It's better to have completely chunks of *some* data than no chunks of all your data.

Comment Re:So what alternatives do you suggest? (Score 1) 119

If you arn't able to hire someone with two clues to rub together (which is hard and expensive) use something that produces static websites. Unless you are hosting forums or something else that specifically requires code to do the work (like maybe, a comments section), there is zero reason to use a CMS.

In the old days Dreamweaver was The Thing. You can still use it, or various similar tools (eg: Flux on OSX) to create very beautiful but static code-less sites. If you have a lot of content that requires some level of management, there are static site generators ( available.

If you MUST use a CMS... you're gonna have a hard time cause there are very few that arn't crap... if not for the coding itself, then for the language underneath, like PHP in this case. I personally try to use systems written in more sophisticated languages such as Java, because those languages require a higher minimum level of competency just to get started, so anyone who writes a full blown application in it will be more likely to have written something solid. No guarantees, naturally, but that's the general trend that I've noticed. A risk, of course, is that administration may be more complex as well.

Comment FFS (Score 0) 153

Okay, so they're replacing the perfectly good (and IMO far superior to USB-C) lightning connector with some moronic thing that isn't even reversible. Plenty of others have already vented their spleens about the change so I'll just leave it at that.

But what about the other end? Will THAT at least be USB-C, or will people with USB-C only computers still be stuck daisy-chaining multiple dongles just to be able to connect the phone to the computer?

Comment Is anyone actually surprised? (Score 1) 245

Trump is effectively destroying the little gov't transparency that the US had.

This is just is just more of the same. If they could legally eliminate FOIA entirely, they would. In the mean time, they'll just have to make things more difficult for people, not to mention make it easier for requests to go missing without a track record when someone wants to learn something inconvenient to the gov't.

Comment Re:Don't buy 2016 iThings (Score 1) 67

Oh nice! Somehow that device completely escaped my radar. Partially cause I never even considered that Dell might make such a thing.

When you were testing, did you check the multi-monitor functionality? I was reading info about a different port replicator and they specifically expressed their frustration in how Apple artificially limited the number of video streams to 1, despite the port easily handling more.

Comment But why the deception? (Score 2) 90

What I don't understand is why Apple even bothered with the deception. All they had to do is say that as a result of previous patent lawsuits, Facetime on ios 6 would be disabled as of yadda yadda date, and anyone who wanted to continue using the technology could move to IOS7.

Then this whole mess wouldn't have even happened, no?

Comment Re:Don't buy 2016 iThings (Score 1) 67

However, If you had actually done any research, you would know that USB-C is 100% compatible with USB 1.0 to 3.0,

And if you weren't a pompous gaslighting windbag, you would know that I DID do my research. I know *exactly* how many ports the macbooks come with. I know the available combinations of storage and ram available across the different models. I know exactly how Apple is artificially restricting options on the lower tier devices to force you to buy the higher ones because I spec'ed it all out. And I know perfectly well what is available as far as dongles go. And I am ESPECIALLY aware of just how breathtakingly complex and all emcompassing the USB-C standard is, thank you very much.

My point is simple: IT'S NOT GOOD ENOUGH, and I expect a HELL of a lot better out of Apple.

Today, right now, there are ZERO TB3 docking stations or port replicators available. From ANYONE. Apple themselves sells exactly ONE TB3 HDMI converter, and it doesn't even fucking work! And you consider this a reasonable situation? And your solution is to buy dongles and dongles and more dongles, and daisy chain them into some tentacled monstrosity? Great! So now we're adding even more parts to the system, and more points of failure. Do you even USE computers or do you just masterbate to their spec sheets?

Furthermore, I thought you cared about how AMAZING Thunderbolt 3 performance is? Well guess what einstein, if you use one of those USB-C port replicators you linked, you LOSE that. You drop from 40Gbps down to 10. But that's ok as long as you win the argument, right?

And BTW, Apple has artificially restricted the number of displays you can drive per port, to one. So even if you have an appropriate port replicator with multiple video outputs, they all will display only one video stream. What's your excuse for THAT little gem?

It boggles my mind that you are utterly unable to accept ANY criticism of Apple, like they are some kind of God and you are their koolaid drinking raving prophet.

News flash: You're not an evangelist. You're not smart. You're just annoying tool who can't deal with reality.

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