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Comment Re: no comments? (Score 1) 267

BLS 2014: 3.9 million
H-1B Visas (New and renewed) 2014: 315,857

315,857 / 3,900,000 = 8%

I'm also incredibly curious how companies are hiring "11% fewer employees" because of H1B visas when H1B employees only make up 8% of the CS workforce (And that's even assuming 100% of all H1B visa applicants go into CS). That would imply that H1B employees are so efficient that the total workforce can be scaled down by nearly 33% thanks to their presence. Which would mean H1B employees are incredible!

Comment Re:Desert (Score 2) 457

Also, decay of plant material under hyrdo reseviors and active aquatic microbial digestion is a source of added methane emmissions. Studies show these emissions may be quite high.

No headlines make these emissions sound "quite high" relative to every other energy source they're in-line with solar and wind. They aren't perfect, but they aren't worse than fossil fuels by a factor of 10.

Comment Re:SpaceX plans to waste tons of fucking money (Score 1) 104

The faster you launch, the sooner the time between failures. So an increasingly large percent of your time becomes time down due to failures.

I think at some point you just take the 'damn the torpedoes' approach.Insurance should be happy to pay-out and most launches aren't NASA grade one-off missions. So maybe delay a New-Horizons class launch or manned mission until you figure out what went wrong, but meanwhile keep launching GPS satellites which have a very small incremental unit cost. If you lose one... that's why you built spares. I imagine a company like iridium would be more than happy to jump-the-line if you've established a reliability record that is within their acceptable losses rate.

Comment Re:Reusablility problems (Score 1) 104

They need the next version of Falcon 9, block 5 before they are properly re-usable.

That's a misinterpretation of what was stated. What Elon Musk said was that they want to consolidate their entire fleet onto one design. That means they will only be flying the current generation once or twice before they phase the 'legacy' design out of their fleet.

There have been no statements about fitness of the design itself, just the business case for maintaining multiple builds. A problem every software developer should be familiar with. If you can, you want to update everybody to a single release and maintain that one branch instead of backporting all of your updates to past releases.

Comment Play-Anywhere (Score 1) 262

I really wish would embrace cross play in general. It's so frustrating to not be able to play with my Xbox Friends or vice versa even if they want to play at a *disadvantage*. claims they don't allow Xbox and PC cross play because it wouldn't be fair to the console players but that should be a choice the console players are willing to make.

I have an Xbox One Controller adapter for my PC and sometimes play Overwatch with it. It's not ideal but I still have fun. They should tune the game for the input device and then have signed drivers which recognize verified controllers and enable auto-aim just like the console controls if you use an official or licensed Xbox One controller on PC. And they should let you decide if you want to play. Considering that match making seems like 95% of the determination of whether I win or not, I'll still enjoy the game with a controller.

Comment Re:Musk always ignores safety (Score 2, Informative) 139

Humans may not be able to "take over" but accidents were reduced according to the NHTSA investigation. So... that would mean humans being able to take over aren't necessary.

That being said, there are plenty of videos online of humans taking over so you're claim is patently false. Maybe they can't take over while watching Harry Potter but that's not the intended use.

Comment Re: Meanwhile in the Apple ecosystem on iPads.. (Score 0) 183

even if Microsoft allows side loading, they can revoke it at any time and there's nothing anybody can do about it.

Even if Microsoft allows Win32 apps to be installed on Windows XP, they can revoke that ability via an update at any time and there's nothing anybody can do about it.

The logic here is completely false. Microsoft can do *ANYTHING* to *ANY* version of Windows and there is "nothing anybody can do about it". That's as true of Win32 as it is of UWP.

Comment Re:Google Docs (Score 1) 353

Google Docs doesn't have all the features of MS Office, but it is "good enough" for most people. Instead of $7 per user per month, it is $0 per month.

Apples to Oranges. Google Docs isn't necessarily free. They also offer a $5/mo and $10/month plan. And Office365 doesn't necessarily cost money. You can have a free Outlook/OneDrive/Office Online account. The difference is that Office365 lets you use the full featured offline apps in addition to the online web apps which are comparable or better than Google Docs.

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