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Comment Re:'Schizophrenia' is a normal reaction... (Score 1) 86

Tell that to people born schizoprenic :

But judging by the quality of your tap water, yeah most babies are born with PTSD right now. At least now we know this is entirely hereditary, luck of the drawer of sorts, but whats your excuse to don't even fucking know what schizophrenia is? feelings? trauma? These are people hallucinating shit 24/7, this is some brain malfunction where it literally flips the bird to your senses and proceeds to mix shit at random in the buffer before your perception.

Sound like someone's salty with schizos, takes a special kind of loser to hold any grief against people not completely aware of their self.

Comment Re:You first programming language (Score 1) 312

I agree completely: notepad++ a browser with decent developer tools (FF Cr) and a plugin for the browser to auto reload on changes for said HTML file, literally 5 minutes set up.

Html and CSS is not programming as mistrelmike pointed out, but if you can't put up with it then programming is not for you, because those don't even qualify as hard or easy "languages" it is about if you find it fun to work with them, walls of text, sintaxis, tools, your focus.

I want to learn to code myself, haters will point that programming is something to get into very young and they are right, if you happen to end up working on it for the rest of your life, otherwise, who cares?. Some people just want to check that box in the list of things todo before the brain starts to become mushy.

I think I'm going to try C# this year as per all comments above. Wonder why nobody has mentioned COBOL.

Comment Re:Great (Score 1) 85

Yeah I know all the places where you can find sprinkles of flash here and there, I was focusing in the uses of Flash that always seem to piss people off or actual vectors of attack. You're right that Flash will keep being installed by default for a long time, I think Chrome approach is the best, to bundle flash in a sandbox and have it set off by default or only when really needed, sadly I need Flash to work on Firefox too so I have it installed updated and by default fiewalled (plugin-container.exe) anytime flash wants to connect to the net, I have to manually approve.

I'm ok with websites that uses Flash for what it was really designed, even for some content that might be better approached with interactivity or a graphic layout. It's a tool that was absurdly overused where it wasn't needed in its time. Jobs slapped Flash in the face with the iPhone and when watery-eyed-flash turned to daddy Google, daddy looked in disappointment and you knew Flash was done.

I think the only thing that was preventing mass adoption of HTTPS as default was the associated costs/return: Cert and IP. Mom-and-pop shops that probably make the most of the .com really didn't see the advantage of it until you need it for setting up payment processing. Now certificates are free or mostly free and SNI takes care of the IP side, setting up HTTPS with cloudflare is trivial for example, all this greatly motivates the adoption. But still, FLASH vs HTTPS adoption history is apples and oranges.

Oh and as for millennial, by some definitions I might be one, 34, but I've been labeled generation X, Y not-remember-what-wankery-in-2000's and now millennial, those tags are created by Marketing so you can rehash the same books and conference tours with the same babble but with new keywords. While demographic studies are certainly of serious interest by marketers the reduction of those concepts until the creation of tags like "millennial" is where you can spot the hack from the real marketer. They are meaningless, and in that regard, I use the word for whats it is: a meme.

Comment Re:Conflict of interest (Score 1) 231

Yeah I get it, I have script blockers in all browsers but the AV catches everything before the browser gets a single bit. If I were to search "Nod AV keys" "Crack nod32" the AV will bitch. I'm aware of the AV having to know the content you're browsing, but from that to offer ads based on this data, and in a paid version nonetheless, nope.

Comment Re:Conflict of interest (Score 2) 231

You consider this acceptable? That the AV tracks into the "semantics" of your browser content in order to offer you a VPN? Would Chrome do the same and the privacytards would flip.

I use NOD AV and the only times i get bugged is when it blocks some bad resource, like a favicon or bad ad. It does not yell when it updates, I does not nag you with new versions. Set and forget and it's been like this for more than 10 years.

Comment Re:Great (Score 1) 85

You have to hang around the lowest neighborhoods in the net to find Flash stuff. PHBs got it when they could not experience those marvelous animations in their iPhones. Nothing but interactive video needs flash nowadays, and that moves truckloads of money so, no, Flash might be dead but not buried because now is used for what it was meant to be used.

Perhaps you think that anything animated on a website is "Flash" it is a possibility, but according to your UID you're not an old fart but more likely a millennial trying to add into the circle jerk, so, if thats the case, yeah! we should execute Flash designers and bill Adobe for the bullets./s

I don't know how you can compare HTTPS adoption (an standard) to the freewill or professionalism of the creator of the content in picking the wrong tool. Most of the animations today are done precisely within HTML5 with the help of JS libraries. Google effectively invented those strategies when they started releasing their design guidelines and simple ignoring content in Flash for SEO.

All I see is that designers and animators moved on, web devs know better (because you don't want to piss on daddy Google), but the bitching about the non-existent issue that is Flash kept lingering around like any other old and stale nerd meme.

Comment Re:Region coding doesn't actually exist (Score 1) 290

Physical pirated copies anywhere have multiple audio tracks and subtitles as fas as i have seen, this is for optical media, USB thumb drives stacked to the firmware with the wares is another approach, I don't see why a turkish guy would stack the usb with movies/subs/muxes in Korean.

Though I have seen a huge increase in Netflix-only families, guess people value convenience even in developing nations, and that lead us to why GDP would not work (tho I'd love to see that) software is going with the subscription model, $2 $5 USD/Month is more than reasonable for a decent productivity app, this nukes the submitter's argument that software is too expensive, subscription model bring less overhead and they got you by the balls with the DRM. It's a win-win for everyone IN THE CLOUDD!!!1 tm

The priciest softwares I've come across in the dev. world are some obscure design and CAD programs, Seismic and petroleum stuff, I never saw anyone on those companies bitching about software prices, neither the single mom with an internet cafe and then never-activated Office 2016 that keeps that printer going.

Comment Re:The question is: Why? (Score 1) 37

We are sorry your senses are not up par with the best mankind can produce to spoil them, same as color blind people don't give a shit about 32bit color, the vast majority of people can't tell the difference between Apple buds and any entry level "pro" headphones. Is not an industry out of nothing, is just that your wetware is mediocre: you don't know\perceive better.

Comment Serious question (Score 4, Insightful) 89

Would the world one day get tired that Africa looks hopeless and let it go their way? It always looks like their priorities are something totally unrelated to what the world perceives as should be their "needs".

This is no bait nor trolling in any way, no need for AC, just want to know: if you donate like me, what do this kind of news make you think?

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