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Comment Re:Obviously (Score 2) 66

That is absolutely correct, and there was a very good article in The Economist relating to the removal of $55 million from 'The Dao' which made the same legal argument that exploiting poor programming in a Smart Contract was not theft but simply following the rules of a system, even if those rules did not do what the creators intended.

In addition The Economist argued that that whereas the heist was not a crime, altering digital ledgers to retrieve the lost ether was affront to the whole project.

Comment Re:Against TOS (Score 1) 651

it's entirely possible to say that one country is "freer" than another.

For example, the United states has 693 people incarcerated per 10,000 (2nd highest in the world), whereas the Seychelles has a whopping 799 (highest in the world).

Therefore it's reasonable to say that the United States is 1.06% more free than the Seychelles. Although admittedly by this metric the United States is less free than the rest of the entire world.

Comment Re:Umm... just WMVs? (Score 2) 150

This is why the hapless Windows-using would-be criminal should be using something more idiot-resistant, not Windows and the Tor browser. Like Tails for example. That way the hapless offender's DRM-infested movie files, PDFs etc can be forced to phone-home through the Tor network. If the criminal is too hapless to evade law-enforcement, it's caveat emptor.

Comment Re:Please, include a killer drone. (Score 2) 115

I guess it's outside the 'top seven', but the simplest, lowest-level, error-free code is the unsung hero to me.

For example, the AGC Apollo Guidance Computer springs to mind as a world-changing piece of code.

(Link is to the original Apollo 11 guidance computer (AGC) source code for Command Module (Comanche055) and Lunar Module (Luminary099).)

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